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June 2018 Update - Seasons & Super Pineapple Party [Feedback]

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  • June 2018 Update - Seasons & Super Pineapple Party [Feedback]

    Hello Growtopians,

    June monthly update is now live and brings with it the IOTM, Raptor's Legs, the brand new seasonal events and of course the Super Pineapple Party Funtime!

    Splice the unspliceables and let us know how do you feel about the whole update right below!

    You can check the update here.


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    Wowwies (Hope its not p2w)
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      reserved lol


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        So, its summer or pineapple?
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          Originally posted by FPH7 View Post
          So, its summer or pineapple?
          Yeah, I would like to know too. I'm so confused.

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            Where do we spend these 'Summer tokens'?


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              Suddenly clickbait thumbnails
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                And i brought the new IAP pack. And i only got the Emoji and the 200k gems. No Summer tokens though.


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                  Damn! I locked BUYRAPTORPAW! That's so close!
                  I WLL MISS M1TCH, BYE !!!!

                  Originally posted by M1tch
                  Bye, AlyMilk ;) Best of luck and thank you for your kind words :D


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                    The changes with the GrowScan are actually good. Hopefully, you continue and improve player support and resolve game exploits.
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                      Originally posted by Edvoid20 View Post
                      Where do we spend these 'Summer tokens'?
                      On the leaderboards
                      Quit this game already
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                        Originally posted by AlyMilky View Post
                        Damn! I locked BUYRAPTORPAW! That's so close!
                        Lol who would call raptor legs paws.. Its not a cat.
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                          Originally posted by NoBedTime View Post
                          Wowwies (Hope its not p2w)
                          We hope so too! We tried really hard to put this one on more of a level playing field. All the events require their own unique hand item, so you'll have to wield that instead of your Super Awesome Whatever. They're also more about the item you use rather than the block you hit, so you don't have to farm wizard staff or something silly just for the event - you can just play normally.

                          At the same time, there are hand items you can get from the store via gems for those who are impatient and want points faster, and there are spliceable versions of each hand item that can be gotten if you don't feel like spending gems!

                          It's very hard to avoid making anything here completely non p2w, but hopefully this will come close (and you'll agree)! We're watching this one closely!


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                            Originally posted by Starkos View Post
                            We hope so too! We tried really hard to put this one on more of a level playing field.
                            Starkos, I like this style and I would say this isn't p2w. Quite honestly I don't think anybody will mind that there is an option to buy the tokens, we understand this is for players just out of reach. I'm sure nobody will complain about that aspect, but also I'm also impressed with the path you guys are choosing. This update was by far the most well-planned in my opinion. You guys deserve a cookie!

                            If there is one improvement that can be done, that would be Beta. I think Beta should have been used to estimate the average capability of a Growtopian. And this capability could have been used to mark the prizes.

                            Yes it is time consuming to open Beta (and make it read) and it's probably very innacurate, but it's worth it also because us Growtopians LOVE it when Beta open. Even though there might not be many people eligible and actually participating, but those who do really appreciate it!
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                            Originally posted by your0ruler

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                              to expensive, move fast not good for farming. maybe create combine tractor for combine seeds more useful, you dont afraid disconnect anymore if have combine tractor...