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Regarding BUYMOONCAKE & Royal Lock in general

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  • Originally posted by Nenkaai View Post
    Pretty much means that even large scale opinions on forums are irrelevant to ubisoft, as long as the in-game kids, 95% of the whole players just submit to whatever happens because they don't know what judging is. That's the whole point of forums, it brings that kind of people able to provide logic and judging into their actions.

    With that, I'm completely done wasting my time giving feedback. I can't even say that it's better than Seth/Hamumu despite the controversy of them barely listening, because seeing how they were not afraid to nerf things such as cosmic cape or farmables, fix morally wrong issues like pandemic challenge, casinos after similar scale discussion, in the end has just become worse.

    I wish I could give it a last chance as a community manager is meaningless to me as they aren't the ones deciding of choices nor have any power about it, but seeing that this thread is nearing seven thousands views on forums which is huge, it rather feels, or IS a let down or ignorance.

    No need to get on the whole argument again, but some posts from people defending their side of the story are just straight up nasty, if not unwelcome.

    You'd think a whole team of engineers, developers, QA, and even community managers could manage the game better than just two. Guess that is just completely wrong.

    -Report bugs to have them fixed after more than a week
    -Bi-monthly game breaking exploits
    -No community feedback heard, or extremely minor ones (Rainbow cape)

    With that, I'm out of things to say.
    I find the people who tries to find reasons to unreasonably argue that the opposing side is right, quite amusing. There's already so much evidences and threads during the harvest fest event pointing out the issue of Royal Lock and yet Ubisoft continues to remain inactive for this situation. It's like vend scam and spammers out there now, they waited for the issues to grew bigger, more disgusting, more uncontainable and then they try their effort in fixing it. Getting the players' praising as a reward, even though they could had fix this issue when it first started so it wouldn't had started in the first place.

    I stick around the forum, several times only for even just 5 minutes I would be able to take notes and consideration into what is going on and comment things, I don't see how a community manager can't juggle that in her day to day basis, and it's not just her, there's other administrators wandering around as well. The fact that they can give players' infraction but can't
    O how little


    • Got banned from buydna linked world just bcoz selling dna for cheap to everyone. Omg
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      • Originally posted by HeroProfit View Post
        Are you sure about that? Royal Lock can’t be used for locking a world?
        LoL Give this guy some spagets
        Originally posted by Yasuo
        Originally posted by AlsoYasuo