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[MERGED] Rayman/Magplant incident - discussion.

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    A rollback won't happen, I'm 99% sure.
    not sure about the other questions.
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      Too late buster.
      They have restarted the server.
      Now we have to wait.
      Why are we still here?
      Just to suffer?


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        Originally posted by Astigmatisme View Post
        okay so uh... cats?
        so whats distressing?

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          Bark Bark !
          This is not a spoiler for movies or any tv show..


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            woof woof

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              Originally posted by WickerDuddy View Post
              Yea, i wonder how do they return all mags and other items + magplants with stock. Seems impossible.
              It's probably going to take a long time.

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              Originally posted by GrowPixel View Post
              I saw this.

              Well, they should shut down the server and fix the Rayman first. If they don't do this, there will be no BFG available that is safe from Rayman owners.


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                Another maintenance

                Did developers thoroughly test rayman before they released it?? The maintenance is soooo annoying. Seriously! The servers are laggy and bugs are everywhere. Please dont rush updates next time.
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                  Well...the glitch only last for 1 hr.
                  So there wont be any rollback..Or there might be an 1 hour rollback (which isnt considered as a rollback)
                  Why are we still here?
                  Just to suffer?


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                    What happened during the maintenance?
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                      Originally posted by Abdod View Post
                      So first Of All
                      This Is The Weirdest Glitch To Ever Exist

                      Will Its Cause A Rollback?

                      Will People Who Broke Others Items (Since it Work On Anything With A Builder Lock) Get Banned?

                      If I For Example Bought A Magplant for like 9 dls since it dropped and turned out to be stolen...will it be removed from me and be a waste of dls?

                      And lastly
                      If someone who broke a magplant just for the means of keeping it safe and giving it back to the owner since most people will steal it and that will save it....will they also get banned or smth?
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                        Servers are now down and they are fixing the problem, you'll get it back for sure just be patient.
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                          Same I helped my friend broke his magplant since he was offline


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                            Atleast there are no dragons
                            Why are we still here?
                            Just to suffer?


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                              YES, just like 3rKang said just a "SIMPLE" rollback will take alot lesser time rather than givning back one by one. I want to ask this to kairos: "You said no rollback, ok i will agree with you. Let say all the magplant were returned, how sure are you that you can restored the exact amount of farmable that were lost with the magplant? I am sure that thousands of farmables were lost to each of the magplant owner.."
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                                Rollback will take around a day for them to load the data I think. Though I really don’t mind it
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