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[MERGED] Rayman/Magplant incident - discussion.

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    Originally posted by DreadVoidGT View Post
    Atleast there are no dragons
    Here were dragons
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      it definitely will have rollback, trust me lol

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      Originally posted by DreadVoidGT View Post
      Well...the glitch only last for 1 hr.
      So there wont be any rollback..Or there might be an 1 hour rollback (which isnt considered as a rollback)
      1 hour rollback is still considering a rollback :3

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      Originally posted by GrowPixel View Post

      what if i just break my guild leader's magplant in our guild home just to save it from those exploiters?
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        Originally posted by Floxy View Post
        If i use rayman the sound effect when i break the block is gone, anyone feel the same?
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          No, we don't want a rollback and tons of missing items again.


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            Here we go again someone want a freaking rollback
            (Scenario after rollback)
            *** i lost my items after the rollback fix it please

            Aren't you tired of that?


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              Rayman's Fists Glitches - Summarized

              I know there are already numbers of threads regarding this, but here is a recap of the few glitches.

              Anyone who has Rayman's Fists can take permanent items placed in 'Build Only' areas from the Builder Lock. They can't take the breakable blocks, though.

              Owners can break Vending Machines even with stocks inside. The Vending Machines go to their inventory, but the items inside it don't, causing them to disappear.
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                Originally posted by Mr. Nobody View Post
                Rollback will take around a day for them to load the data I think. Though I really don’t mind it
                yes, i don't mind losing a couple of wls by the rollback. But i felt sorry for those who lost tons of dls by the abuse.
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                  will player who bought stolen rayman got ban too? also will lehnwa buy that mags?


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                    Don't really want a rollback but if the situation needed it I wouldn't mind. Although I seriously don't think there will be one.
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                      I'm too young!
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                        Originally posted by Exoskies View Post
                        The recent event with the rayman fist led to expensive items being able to be broken inside of the builder's lock. As a result, over hundreds of bfg owner got their magplant stolen... Not only that, the farmables inside the magplant got deleted once the magplant is broken. So now, just like every other time a glitch happens, 1or 2 items would be laying around from the glitch and most of the time, the abuser get away unnoticed. You guys ought to know that the abuser would sell the magplant immediately and buy something, making it harder for the item to be tracked down.

                        Pls, a simple rollback could make the work done easier and much much faster for you. Don't mind us, a day of losing a work won't hurt rather than several players' hard-worked item went down to drain.

                        btw, i saw a news' admin trying to take a magplant but luckily, the owner banned him. So watch out, even the players you think you can trust, become greedy for smth at the end.. Btw, his name starts with t**********, thats all i am gonna say.

                        I hope the devs can do a rollback, or if not, pls try to atleast return all the lost item to the respective owner...
                        no more rollback dumbo,,,,, u can fix ur issue lost item, kairos already telling right. and if u lose ur mp, then u just unlucky, u can keep blaming the mod. until u can get ur item again. anyway u rich already if u mp, why u crying.....then welcome to poor life.


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                          Click image for larger version

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                          I'll just leave it here.
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                            I just really hope they “fix” the rayman to remove the 1 hit hack and not to fix the harvest/plant thing.
                            Imagine the trouble the “fix” gone to and their purpose is just to remove the no tree skip when harvesting/planting
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                              rollback is preferred

                              rip my 3 mags and the blocks sad.
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                                Well ubisoft U DID IT AGAIN . 1000+ bfg worlds lost magplants . new rollback

                                So many bfg worlds lost their magplants .
                                they were stolen due to a glitch with builder lock

                                many bfg world owners have 10-20 bfg worlds in wich they have 3 mags per world placed .
                                and just think there is over 1000 bfg world owners out there .

                                this number of unfairly scammed people is huge .

                                just DO A ROLLBACK this time .

                                dont wait with rollback . more u wait worse it will get .

                                just to say 80% bfg owners do free gems and leave their bfg worlds open when they are offline so people can break .

                                i soo a sb from @kairos that was saying we should secure aour worlds now .
                                well how can offline people secure their worlds . really

                                this topic must be under update discussion , since update is that caused it .

                                people please comment and support FARMERS - they are doing the hard work ...