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    Originally posted by NotW View Post
    for example Helping (PRO) players and Ignoring New peeps
    Well, whenever they are online, they usually get spammed by a lot of messages each second... They also help everyone in the game wether they are rich or poor. And lately, these new mods/admins are pretty active in the game banning scammers/casinos, interacting with the community etc.
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      Despite the speculations that we only assist/take notice of "famous" players, this is not true. GT has thousands and thousand of players and we get REALLY SPAMMED every single time we are online. If I have tons of heads and arms like a hydra, I would really want to help every single player we have but the thing is we are just human. And no, we do not prioritize the more popular ones. It is part of the mod agreement that the mods should NOT be biased, meaning they treat all players equally.

      Closing this thread now.