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[Discussion] Player Appreciation Week 2019

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  • [Discussion] Player Appreciation Week 2019

    Hello Growtopians!

    Player Appreciation Week is fast approaching! So we want to start gathering player suggestions and feedback as early as now to make sure that this year's PAW is going to be a blast!

    We'd like to hear more from everyone in the community! So if you already have an existing PAW Suggestion Thread made, share it with us here. Or if you have an idea that you think is worthy to be added to the upcoming PAW celebration (it can be an item, feature, bug/glitch that needs to be fixed, balancing insight, event that needs to be revamped or added, etc.) then let us know!

    We are listening! So post away!

    All selected suggestions will be added in our Community Suggestions Megathread.

    ~ NekoRei

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    Suggestion 1 - /pullall - self explanatory really

    Suggestion 2 - KoTH - Players spawn at the bottom of the world and try to build their way up being limited to single jump and no consumables are allowed. However, they also have strong punch, long punch, and the goal is to stay at the top for 1 min without getting punched or knocked down. (As in, stay on the top horizontal row of blocks that are up in the clouds without going down even one tile) Limited to only two people being able to stand on the top at the same time. Occurs twice a day, 12 hour intervals. Payment to join is 1k gems and the rewards can be whatever. thought it'd be fun, sorta like an egg rescue like idea where players compete for prizes except this isn't event related

    Suggestion 3 - Co op - allow someone to have temporary access to your lock/world as long as both you and them are in the world. Either of you leaving causes the person to lose that access

    Suggestion 4 - Event Passes - lasts the duration of the event, and the challenges are based around the event and you gain more points as you do more things. Ex: Easter Pass, challenges: collect 50 magic eggs, dress up as a bunny rabbit, play egg rescue 10 times, etc

    Suggestion 5 - Baby Block DGate - we all love the baby block and it would be sick if we had a baby block dgate
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      Adding more!
      I'm using
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        Game Guardian

        Clash Blocks Pack

        New GUI for Friend List

        Hoodie Suggestion

        New Upgrade System

        Miner Update

        Suggestion to stop trade/vend scam

        /hmm command

        Something for better game experience

        Suggestion for Duplcating item

        Double jump in the store

        Bring back old token system
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          Lucky Dice
          -A neck item that grants 5% bonus points to every role quest

          Buff Jack's set
          - Supplier's cape & Crafter's cape ( 5% Bonus points ) V.S. Jack' set ( 3% Bonus points )
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            Startopia revamp!
            Updated thread with more ideas.
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                Add useful but not game breaking iotms
                Add provider harvester
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                  My QOL suggestion thread (10k++ views)
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                    GUI improvements

                    Changes to the general interface are highly needed, that is GUI improvements. I am unsure if it's something you've been avoiding but modifying the current, out-dated and old-fashioned looking GUI would be beneficial not only for present but also for the future players. The current friend's list, guild's GUI is just too messy and don't even get me started on player's info (I actually despise it). Making it more accessible, modern and easier to navigate would be amazing!

                    This has been suggested many times with proper designs and high approval. I've put some links below leading to suggestion threads where authors explain everything far better than me. Take a look and greatly consider it. You've been making great improvements so far, make em better and bigger!

                    Though whatever you're going to make for this year, make it worth it. Thanks.
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                      Update the prize pool of Surgery and Startopia

                      Surgery is lowkey bad as of now in order to do anything
                      The prize pool problem :
                      • Scrub set and candy stripper set are useless and unwanted as to no use
                      • Hospital door / window / curtain have no use except for surgery role quest which is mostly wall
                      • The thingamabob is only worthfull prize getting while its counter part magnify glass is utterly useless and has no use as of its rareness
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                        Here's my suggestion:
                        DO NOT make a thread about redistributing the datamined worlds before the items come out, that ruins the fun.
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                          This thread
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                            XP for chemsynth. It's been 2 years since it was released. For something that requires knowledge/practice to do and there's no XP rewarded at all, it's kinda ridiculous.

                            Also, it will be nice if there's an option to skip role quest. Some role quests are not very practical, it's frustrating to get stuck. I'm not sure about others but I'll be more than willing to pay for the next tier of gems required to do the following quest, rather than getting stuck.
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                              BUFF SC AND AMULET and NERF RAYMAN

                              These are my old PAW suggestion from like 2 years ago


                              I WLL MISS M1TCH, BYE !!!!

                              Originally posted by M1tch
                              Bye, AlyMilk ;) Best of luck and thank you for your kind words :D