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Worlds most impossible surgery?

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  • Worlds most impossible surgery?

    Hi all, I just did surgery and gave 3 antibiotics w/o skillfail and he had antibiotics resistant. The problem is that his flu never got down. Dont make like deep tumor and tought skin cuz its really bad and not fair. Remove it cuz sadly, none like these and me, i rather wait 1hour than do this. Also make flus w/o antibiotics resistant cuz it sounds dumb. Here see what it looks like after giving 3 antibiotics and fever rising. I know its not the first time but this one was impossible even if i never failed during these 3 antibiotics given. It was a flu btw
    Click image for larger version

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    (I cant upload the picture but i will modify if i have it.)
    How is he even bleeding lol?
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    Actually, if all your antibiotics will be without skill fail, then you win. First it remove Climbing rapidly mod, and only then remove temperature. At least it was like this before


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      Hi, usually for these kind of surg, you would have to use more than 3 antibiotics and the temperature will ultimately reduce. Hope this helps


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