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    It looks cool to be honest. I like it!
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      Originally posted by Kairos View Post
      Hello Growtopians!

      Starkos posted a sneak peek for the chat system update! Go check it here and tell us what you think about it!

      ok sry but can u not remove chat colors and just tell us specific colors that we can use

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        Can't wait to see this! This QoL update seems great as it should be. I'm really happy to know that chat cursor will be available soon, as it'll be easier to edit text. Kinda necessary.

        Also like Viju said before, don't forget to make changes when you're broadcasting with a Megaphone.

        BUT a no for removing color codes. Instead, restrict some colors for global system messages, etc.

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          I hope they finally use they beta server to test this.
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            you made world h6k7 bad
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              Can we get cursor in world menu too and in log in box? I try always write too fast and typo percent is super high. So when someone asks me come in their worlds, i go in 3-4 wrong world first and they start msg that why i didn't come. And when i log in, i write my id totally wrong and hate that i need swipe whole id off if first letter was wrong.

              And yes, i love this new chat update! But do not change too much colors, so we get used to it faster. Idc that we lose colors, if that kills fake sbs.


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                Bruh RiP SBs when ppl just change it to private
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                  too thick
                  too flashy
                  hope the final update is not like this
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                    Originally posted by PixelJr View Post
                    This seems like an interesting update! I'm curious on how this will turn out, and I'd like to clarify one thing that will be of good use.

                    Will the channels include messages from the last time we logged on (without clearing cache)? The private to be specific. We don't often see them due to being either afk or in a spammy trade world. I hope the backlog would include these messages and not clear them after we've moved to our current world.

                    I know this isn't final yet, but hopefully the color coding of certain messages will stay the same (orange for PMs, blue for friendcasts, etc.) to avoid confusion. Overall the thought of sorting out messages is music to my ears. Can't wait!
                    I don't think it'll retain your messages from a previous login, but it should retain them as you switch from tab to tab (though older ones will still fall off the "top" as your message log fills, particularly in highly-active worlds).


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                      This Update will be great! But... Those feature need better user inteface And RIP SB if almost all peps change to private only
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                        This is actually amazing, and been wishing years ago that the chat would be revamped to be up to other game standards.
                        What i'd really wish though is having a seperated "trade" global broadcast channel for selling items, so that the main one serves as advertising worlds or just "sb chatting".
                        Also, perhaps make those messages dynamic so that they can be deleted by moderators, like, when somebody decides to broadcast from a phished account and promotes it; kinda counter productive.

                        I absolutely cannot wait for this.
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                          Inb4 global chat

                          Maximum Purchase personal setting

                          Suggestion box with many items


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                            appreciation to growtopia staff

                            Originally posted by Kairos View Post
                            Hello Growtopians!

                            Starkos posted a sneak peek for the chat system update! Go check it here and tell us what you think about it!

                            Ye change the chat system is great idea, but i dont like the theme , i think that like growtopia first version

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                              Old colors are better. Growtopia is known for that text color.

                              Otherwise, I like it!

                              Cough cough pixel cough worlds


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                                I love the overall idea of this separated chat system message, but I think it needs some more improvements judging by the look of it. I can say that it's not the "typical Growtopia style", it's more like copied from other games.

                                Can we still use colors on door/signs?

                                Again, love the idea, but need some improvement to the style.
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