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    I hope y'all add option to stop getting private messages from people. Like showing yourself offline to everyone.
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      i like the idea but..

      personally, i don't like how it looks. the old one was more simple and i find that better.

      no chat colors? pretty sad. the colors used aren't that good and it might be hard to see it in a world with a dark background.

      mobile messaging will be a lot better thanks.

      chat cursor is a nice touch. hopefully you can use it in other things like bulletin boards, signs, mannequins, etc. anything with texts.

      3/5 update


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        So cool, I always wished to write longer messages, that's a +1 Though hopefully the colors will be a bit more neutral as the blue for example is making me a bit dizzy and hurts my eyes But as you said, it's not the final one, who knows how it will look in the end!

        4/5 stars!
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          I hope that we are still going to be able to use colors on signs and doors.
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            I want to continue chatting in colours pls
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              Growtopia's adaptations

              Growtopia = Fornite
              Growtopia = Almost like pixel world's chat box. No offense

              Coming soon:
              Tons of bugs and glitches
              Love differences between admins and and and users.. But one question remains how do we know if the owner texted I don't want to see the name color green I rather see a name for owner..
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              Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


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                Wow that looks good! Can’t wait!

                And wow starkos you had to target me saying the next update isn’t clashes or food fight lol!

                Also question, will we be getting sneak peeks similar to this one? It would be pretty cool...


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                  Nice Look!

                  Will love this update soon, looks so classic and good to see. And also finally the chat cursor, I'm so tired when I did some typo words finally soon I can delete the words easier than erasing all the words. By the way I liked more the old Growtopia chat colour, and at least if we can't put any colour in the chat give us a different colour for the Legendary Title or Doctor Title holder.
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                    This is a very unexpected and cool update. Awesome futures, I'm Actually speechless now hehe...
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                      This looks redoubtable. They should give us an option whether to stick into the new system or stay in the old one.
                      I personally didn't like this new chat system, it looks horrible. I have been playing for years and haven't seen such an update.

                      There must be an option to stay in the old system. They can't subjugate us to use the new system, that looks bad.
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                        Originally posted by Kairos View Post
                        Hello Growtopians!

                        Starkos posted a sneak peek for the chat system update! Go check it here and tell us what you think about it!

                        Can we still use color for bulletin boards?
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                          Originally posted by nonosomeone View Post
                          Can we still use color for bulletin boards?
                          We must be able to use them however what. We've been using them for years, I want to use them.
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                            This replaces normal chat? Colors are gone?
                            Whose idea was this
                            every single update draws me closer to quitting this god damn game

                            the chat system is fine as it is. we have been using colors for 6 years and now you take them away for us for no reason at all? why do we need this convoluted ugly thing to "fix" the current chat system that was never even broke in the first place? ubisoft is so so stupid
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                              Originally posted by Meraak View Post
                              This replaces normal chat? Colors are gone?
                              Whose idea was this
                              every single update draws me closer to quitting this god damn game
                              They should immediately rescind this if not we want an option if we want to stick into the new chat system or stay in the old one.

                              I hate the look of the new chat system.
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                                My instagram full this 🤣
                                IGN: RimUwU i quit anime yes

                                Try out mynvm

                                good song