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  • #61 that an emoji button I see to the left?
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      I'm not a fan of the colors... Can you keep it the way it is? I hope this isn't the complete Chat system-- Leaving the font that color makes everything feel so fake (?), seems that YouTubers may clickbait easily with the new type of font size too. I feel like you guys should leave everything the way it is (but implementing the new system) but if that's not possible at least add a toggle option, where everything remains it's original color. I really love the concept but I sure don't love the type of font colors... as I said, everything seems so fake! You don't necessarily need to make huge changes to amaze us, sometimes it's alright to keep things simple but also new. If I'm gonna be totally honest, the chat seems like the one out of a knockoff game.
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        Originally posted by Malware View Post that an emoji button I see to the left?

        Also i improve first sample that i post in first page (Added broadcast example + i changed buttons)
        Click image for larger version

Name:	V3_Chat_Sample.png
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Size:	319.1 KB
ID:	6588241
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          Dragon speaking...

          Oho, DcArmy must be very happy to see this plans.

          Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

          Check out of this video ^^


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            Cons: The colors are so dull. In my opinion there should be brighter colors. To be really honest that sample picture looked like someone was copying Growtopia or was stolen off a private server. It looks really cheap and from a small indie company which Ubisoft isn't.

            Pros: We finally get to edit our chat instead of smashing my backspace key. Typing longer is also cool, but how will this be implemented with spamming going on?

            Also GrowPixel's edit is 100% better than the sample picture.
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              With the ability to use our cursor to move where we will type, will this feature be available for other places such as signs and bulletin boards?

              Will super-broadcasts have their length increased alongside chat length?

              What’s the limit to the custom chat, will it be one? (As in can we make multiple custom chats)
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                This looks great!
                I am really looking forward to it ^^
                Does this also mean, that we'll get certain characters back like < and >?
                Are there any plans to support utf-8 / 16 characters, such as umlauts?

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                Originally posted by GrowPixel View Post

                Also i improve first sample that i post in first page (Added broadcast example + i changed buttons)

                The icons were fine and the colors aren't final >_>


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                  Dudes, you who want stick in old, you need just learn accept changes, cause well, in our life there will be always "updates" what we think at first, are crap, but after few weeks use, we get used to it and we learn that change was actually good.

                  Years ago, i was active in one forum and oh boy that day, when admins made update and changed whole forum for new version. All buttons changed, font changed even background color changed totally. People was sooooo mad, they raged that they leave and they demanded that all would be back to old. Just after few weeks all was just fine with it. So, people hate changes, but most of the time visual changes are just good after our eyes get used to them.


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                    My only concern about this, like the others said, is the colours. They don't look appealing. It sucks that we won't be able to colour our own text, but it's not a buzzkill to me, though it can be to others. Nonetheless, though, this is amazing and I can't wait to try it out!
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                      This is amazing!! I wasn’t at all expecting this but the chat system needed an overall revamp so I have a few suggestions for it

                      1- Make it possible for the player to toggle off/on their preferred tab whatever it is World/Private/Custom/Guild so on since I think it might cluttered the chat. I know this is not final but it would be great to have

                      2- Chat colors I think your preferred solution for it is better but make it only the color (RED) not usable by anyone when sbing thats it but we can still use the color (RED) in signs for WOTD purposes and when friendcasting/guild

                      3- If it was possible I would recommend that we have the option to clear our chat whenever is cluttered instead of relogging

                      4- Last one I would recommend that it saves our chat even after we log off or have the option to do that. (If it was possible)

                      That’s all and I am hyped to see how it turns out


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                        This...This is going to be epic! New chat colors seem pretty weird, but it's probably just the fact I'm not used to them yet. However it's not final and I can't wait to see the actual final result.


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                          Some suggestions.

                          First of all, the fact that there will be a chat cursor is amazing! I'm bored at pressing backspace.

                          1. The colors are currently bad, but I think you'll fix em' because so many players pointed it out.

                          2. As others have mentioned there should be a way to report a sb just by pressing it and choosing report.

                          3. This update is based on quality-of-life improvements, and a good improvement would be to reduce spammers. I'm sure there is a way it can be done without affecting the players. We just need to find it.

                          Overall I'm really looking forward to this!
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                            Love, love, LOVE this. Quality of Life updates is EXACTLY what we need in this game at the moment.

                            I just hope you can still super-broadcast with color, and the no color rule only applies to normal chat.
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                              Originally posted by TobyLerasco View Post
                              We must be able to use them however what. We've been using them for years, I want to use them.
                              Remember, NONE of this is final, including colors. There may be a chance that we can still use colors.
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                                Everything looks good but I think you guys should add a report button when someone BC/SBs/Says something that’s against the rules.
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