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  • Its ugly.

    Originally posted by Kairos View Post
    Hello Growtopians!

    Starkos posted a sneak peek for the chat system update! Go check it here and tell us what you think about it!

    Im sorry but this is awful organization , ugly colours . Why they changed „Private Massege from” on [P] from or „Super broadcast” on [SB]? How new player should know what P is? Btw /sb will now be useless because everybody will just switch it off so you cant make your world populr anymore , nice move ubisoft . So disrespectful to change old things ,i mean more messege space and edit possibility is cool , but its not necessery to change good design on bad, i would understand if there would be voting that would ask do we need this ugly chat or no, but nah , because of few nerds that „decided so” we will have to play without sb’s and colours. Max players online (72,000) was at 2016 (even before ubisoft) , now it is usually like 19,000 , sp great move , killing game even more!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Originally posted by DeLixx View Post
    Yet again fyi: This is a quickly done mockup, the final result will differ a lot.
    Removing chat colors will also be really good, because
    A: Reduced Spam due to (hopefully) more reliable spam detection
    B: Less imitation ("PM FROM", "Systen Mesage")
    C: Equal Chances (Writing in colors doesn't work with qwertz-keyboards)
    D: better overview due to coherency with the new system
    F: Less attention for spam bots

    Yes, this will take part of what makes growtopia unique out of the game and it will certainly leave a bland taste, but the fact, that the people that used in-chat colors the most were also the ones abusing them the most should at least get you to reconsider.
    The changes will only affect the chat, so colored text should still be a thing in signs and billboards, where you can actually use it for good.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The current system will favor those with longer device widths, which is quite unfair and random (fake responsive design), so what will likely actually change is, that there will be a uniform text limit, which also supports new lines.
    So no, there won't be more spam
    Idiots will get scammed anyway , doesnt matter are there colours or no. To prevent scams , trading and dropping should be removed too because “omg its used to scam”