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Diamond guild and lost tokens

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    To avoid confusion: the Personal Leaderboard rewards and Guild Leaderboard rewards initially gave more tokens than they should have. This was swiftly fixed, and those who had claimed the tokens had the excess removed. If they had already spent these tokens, they'll go into a negative total token count. Earning tokens in future events will lower this amount and eventually put it back into the positives.

    Members of Diamond didn't lose their Legendary Clash Keys - Series 2, or most of their tokens. All that was revoked were the tokens they would've earned from being rank 1 (which, with the amended leaderboard rewards is 800 tokens).

    The decision to disqualify Diamond wasn't taken lightly, it was heavily internally discussed. The final decision was made by Ubisoft. It's not simply a matter of "a member was auto-farming," it's because:
    • The Guild Leader was banned for auto-farming.
    • Over a handful of other high-ranking members were banned for auto-farming.
    • The Guild Leader was actively endorsing and encouraging auto-farming to other guild members (this was confirmed through logs).

    Being the leader of a high ranking guild doesn't excuse you from the rules - the rules are universal; everyone must follow them or they'll be punished accordingly.

    The fate of the home world for the guild is still being discussed, but as soon as a final decision is made about it we'll let you know. Until such a decision is reached, the world will remain banned.

    Moderators do have to see someone participating in illegal activities to ban them, as we don't have access to logs. Ubisoft do, and they confirmed the Guild Leader was involved in activities that made the Guild Events unfair for thousands of legitimate players. This is a guild event, so a guild participating in illegal and unfair activities being disqualified is perfectly reasonable.

    Permanent suspensions aren't done on a whim, and it's only something we do if we're sure it's warranted (which in this case we are!). ALL top guilds were monitored (which is why you will have seen me and other mods in plenty of the top guild homes over the course of the event). ALL top players were monitored. Everyone who was found participating in auto-farming was banned.

    In regards to the confusion about "using space bar to punch being illegal," I'll give a simple rule of thumb for what is and isn't auto-farming. Anything that involves a player manually farming is absolutely okay to do, whether it be with the space bar option or your mouse. Anything that involves any form of macro/third party software is strictly prohibited.

    Closing thread.
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