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    Originally posted by One Us View Post
    do you think also growtopia players are increasingly obedient because the game is almost destroyed because the server is lagging and continuously disconnected, and the possibility of growtopia players decreases due to updates that are less attractive to players. if you think this update is fine. try to compare the old growtopia with the current one. I do not mean to insinuate the current growtopia owner. But yes, growtopia requires a far more interesting event than before in order to attract the attention of growtopia players and other new players. so that's all in my opinion about the current growtopia game. what do you all think? you can answer it below.
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      I didn't vilify the game. I only thought about this game, everyone must have their own opinion. instead I am waiting for the latest updates from this game. if you are offended by my words, please forgive me.
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        no, because the game is hosted on a poop server, which I like


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          Many people have asked this question before, and I'd just like to put my opinion out there.

          I don't believe Growtopia is "dead" in anyway. I can see why people think this but the real problem is, each day, Growtopia's player count is decreasing. VERY SLOWLY though! If the game was pummeling really twords it's forgotten days, it would be a VERY LONG time from now.
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            How is it dead? There are far more new items that have been released since I've been inactive AND they're really pretty and cool. I don't understand. If you're bored of the game, take a break.

            Yeah server can be better AT TIMES, it's not like you always DC everyday. It was just a period of time. Yes there are also bugs, I hope that they fix that soon or at least address our concern with official announcements.
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              I read the first sentence and...
              Nope, ain't reading that lol
              Run on sentences are disgusting

              Growtopia isn't dead
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