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Proof Ubisoft doesn’t test their updates

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    Originally posted by Judavid View Post
    They have tons of players that could help with this sort of thing and pick up on it quicker.
    I don't see why they don't use what they have to their advantage.
    I agree to you!! There are a lot of reliable players here in forums and in-game as well that they just refuse to get help from. There are players with extremely high knowledge on game numbers, spying , ideas, influence, etc. They can ask for help and not give any super powers to those players. I think there are also veterans who won't even bother not getting rewarded, but will help for the sake of the game and the community.
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      They said they wantedto remoove the grind aspect. Fusing 4events into one for the same time and around the same grind is the reverse on it.

      I know devs are working hard but i think they need more devs...

      Rhumors that i hear/started :
      -bugs and glitches will be part of PAW
      -disapointment on PAW due to the various glitches.
      -plow isnt working anytime soon.
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        Is Growtopia slowly drying out? Yes yes it is
        Not sure why I'm back but I'm back
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          Originally posted by Deno855 View Post
          Is Growtopia slowly drying out? Yes yes it is
          It's losing its "fun" aspect as the few remaining players only care about making wls and what not
          Give a man a wl, and he will learn to rely on you.
          Teach a man to make wls and you'll set him up for success.
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            I would just like to point out ubisoft has ignored this thread for 3 days and the event is almost over without any response or hotfix

            This is a joke.
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            Originally posted by NekoRei
            Damn I clicked on it... I was Luis Fonzied