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[Merged] Unbalanced Fishing Fanatics Concerns

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    Just increase the chance of getting fish while using anomarod
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      Decrease the chance of getting unfish item when fishing plssss

      I rarely get fish when fishing with uranium glowing lure i just wanted the fish!


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        Originally posted by TobyLerasco View Post
        They’ve stated that it wouldn’t take long hours but yes same.

        We need an answer, we can’t fish for hours
        Bit of a botched announcement if they can't stick to it being not hours of fishing
        Not sure why I'm back but I'm back
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          We actually need make guilds contribution plans for next 2 events soon, so ppl know can they stay in my guild or leave. So we need answer for this threads question. We can't just live in the moment, we need make plans, cause if we screwed up, we can't get l branch. And would be super unfair, if you let us collect too much summer tokens and then force use them to open second time same branch and wont let us collect second time new key.
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            I spent alot of time fishing and I ended up with 5,445,000 points and my rods weren't broken and my guild suddenly gave up, I didn't even receive points as I wasn't eligible ... Still need 1000 tokens for the 2nd tier

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              I spent 40 pristine for 25m points, It's really fun (give us time to hang with our guildmates) but takes alot of times.
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