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[FEEDBACK] Player Appreciation Week 2019

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    Originally posted by zkurt_gaming View Post
    Ever wonder how to change your world lock without removing the last one? Well let me introduce to you the Lock Switcher. Simply consume this and change it with your desired lock. Dont worry, the last lock will go back to your inventory safe and sound.

    That is my idea of the item description. So pretty much it will work like a door mover. Upon using it people in the world will re-enter when consumed. It also notifies every person entering the world ti be aware. Can be available for 20k gems??. Idk ita your choice on how to obtain such a thing

    wrong subforum, this goes under the suggestions

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      Where do i go then


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        did they forgot about day 2 ??

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          Originally posted by xKaizoku View Post
          did they forgot about day 2 ??
          Very much agreed

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            Originally posted by Tangramboy View Post
            Very much agreed
            I agree with you agreeing



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              Tbh, kind of disappointed in day 2. So little additions.


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                IGN: RimUwU i quit anime yes

                Try out mynvm

                good song



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                  [FEEDBACK] Player Appreciation Week Day 2 - Balancing Extravaganza!

                  It's PAW Day 2! Time to share your feedback and thoughts about today's PAW Updates!

                  And if you wanna get updated on PAW updates go here.

                  Click image for larger version

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                    Its ok for me
                    Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


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                      OK, I really like that WOTD number update, because there is a stable number to your world's name that you can memorise, unlike one that changes everyday.

                      Good job on that one
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                      Before I leave growtopia I want to:

                      • Win 5 WOTD: 3/5
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                        Congrats TK69 on sponsoring an item
                        It's a board but I forgot the name
                        Yeeeeeet )))))))))))
                        I break chands every day how about u?


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                          why wasnt step 16 of candour changed?

                          Click image for larger version

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                            Day 2 - Useless.

                            Day 2 was a huge letdown compared to day one.

                            We got ONE sponsored item, a frozen version of the Warp Speed machine, Geigers were updated to now give 3 colored stuff instead of 1 (useless), and we have WOTD fixes.

                            Balancing your game is NOT A FEATURE FOR PLAYER APPRECIATION WEEK. Player Appreciation Week should be about new ITEMS and new FEATURES, not you fixing the parts of the game that are broken.

                            Day 1 was an 8/10 for me, but Day 2 as far as I can see is a 3/10. Not impressed.

                            Items - 3/10.

                            Updates to old features - 3/10.

                            Two items and maybe two or three features is not good enough for one day of PAW, especially not compared to the PAWs before this.

                            This is the single latest PAW week in history and you guys hyped it up this whole time, and each day is supposed to be better than the last, as all PAWs go. Day 2 was disappointing as hell, especially in comparison to the new features, commands, and 4 items of Day 1.

                            I genuinely hope this is not how the rest of PAW will be.
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                              Originally posted by MehDuhSmexyGt View Post
                              Reaching level 50 with the second anniversary on this game we would receive a 'Mini-You Leash'.

                              Playing Growtopia for 3 years with 100 hours would give us the 'Party Fowl' pet.

                              In PAW could we possibly have another achievement item for players who have been playing this game since the first year?

                              Party Fowl was released in 2017 and we haven't received anything like that since.
                              No. Most of the OG 2013 players don't play this game anymore either because they've outgrown it, or they are too old and don't have time.


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                                Originally posted by pannenkoek2012 View Post
                                No. Most of the OG 2013 players don't play this game anymore either because they've outgrown it, or they are too old and don't have time.
                                And? Some of us still exist
                                Originally posted by Phanton
                                I like your profile picture it's so cuteeee
                                Been wanting to say it for a long time, finally decided to tell you today
                                Originally posted by DavidDoesPBG
                                That Mexican pepper thingie

                                10 chars