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  • Originally posted by Loonytoon View Post
    Is it true that you need to be a forum guardian first?
    Nope, you can apply by approching Nekorei, from what I've heard.
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    • Originally posted by MineDeath View Post
      Nope, you can apply by approching Nekorei, from what I've heard.
      That, or the official application (which comes soon).

      Does anyone know her Discord...? Her forum inbox is full

      EDIT! Nvm, RichWizard made me change my mind.

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      • As I remembered

        Originally posted by TurtlePirate View Post
        I think they chose them already, since that Game Guardian rank is already available in-game.

        Yes, Moderator Application will approximately open in September or near future.
        NekoRei said, "The first batch Guardians are: etc.."
        So there is still hope!


        • Originally posted by Techy View Post
          We have:
          • Necturne
          • Misthios
          • Nostos
          • Serein
          • ByteCode
          > "Introducing our new Forum Guardians" - ByteCode was added later.

          Misthios became a moderator, the rest I presume will become Game Guardians. They may not always be replying to threads, but I presume they do work behind the scenes, keeping the forums nice and tidy.
          Oops.. My mistake so there are more of them.

          I'm so GLAM,
          I sweat GLITTER.


          • How do I apply for that

            Originally posted by NekoRei View Post
            The recruitment and requirements for Guardians is not going to be as strict as for MODS 2.0 though because we need more volunteer players patrolling the game to make sure everything is fine and dandy in-game. We will be recruiting more mods for sure as well as Guardians. Think of them as a tier/rank lower than the mods, scout troops that will help us punish and warn players misbehaving.
            Hello NekoRie
            So I have been checking your posts about guardians and that stuff
            I would love to be part of the GuardianTeam
            I have some good idea for the new guardian why don't they have blue name so that means they are less powers it's better when they /mods they see guardians with blue name so they know it
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