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This year's PAW was absolutely a "Trash"

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    Day 1 was ok...
    Day 2 ~ 4 NVM
    Day 5 I loved discounts only...
    Day 6 ....
    Day 7 I never saw mods...

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      Its like every year when paw comes some players say it sucked and after a year later when paw comes again they would say the paw from last year was so much better than this one. Which basically loops every year trust me it happens a lot even outside the game people appreciate things when looked back upon they will only see the good things that happened and forget the bad ones.

      So end of story take out the things you liked and move on, sooner or later the thing you want will get added if it was good and useful
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        I sometimes use the forums to get away from the easily-influenced ingame children who will listen and agree with everything they say, and every unproven opinions and what not
        And that's all we get now here? One issue in the game not being fixed is all it takes to make a whole bunch unhappy, PAW isn't about fixing it all issues, it's about adding what people suggested and making the game more enjoyable to play. They can't just dedicate each single day into fixing issues, or you truly have no idea what Player Appreciation Week is about. Granted some of the issues people bring out are sometimes annoying, but not only can people get over it (like seriously, it's not like chicken plow stops you from farming), but it's primarily a content update.

        Personally this PAW has been better than all other years - they prepared much earlier than last years and overall had a lot of things people asked for. Again, many features deemed hard to implement such as backpack space is due of poor game design from seth and hamumu. From a developer perspective surely it isn't a small task.. They balanced this paw well between quantity and time consumed implementing, across various mechanics such as balancing, player safety, QoL, and enjoyment

        Think about it yourself when you'll be using one of those items or additions that were implemented this PAW. You'll be glad that they are here and change your mind. I'm certain it can hurt sometimes on a game designer's side that you can't ever please everyone during PAW because they have their (often impossible) expectations. Every year it's been the same but nonetheless they still dedicate time to help us out during this event.
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          Originally posted by Oldsock (IGN) View Post
          I think it felt underwhelming because people have some preconception that PAW is going to be a fix-all and add-all of everything they want mended or added. People seem to view previous PAWs through rose-tinted glasses and for some reason have big expectations for PAW. That's what leads to people being upset at it every year.
          Yep. I went see in wiki what other paw had new and this paw was actually very great. Can't understand this complaining. It looks like that all wait now only token items, mean old mod items and if no those, paw is bad. But same time, ppl raged last year, cause mod items should be special. So what ever devs does, they make it wrong, if we ask from players their opinion.
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            PAW 2019 was actually good. But it was good in only cosmetic items. They added only one thing called Safe Vault as an useful item. Am I wrong? I had so many dreams about this PAW. Because last year was really good.
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              Originally posted by Processor View Post
              PAW 2019 was actually good. But it was good in only cosmetic items. They added only one thing called Safe Vault as an useful item. Am I wrong? I had so many dreams about this PAW. Because last year was really good.
              You're an example of what I was saying. People remember previous PAWs better than what they actually were. Last year's PAW was nowhere near as good as this one, we actually got several balancing changes that have been requested for a long time. Does it benefit me that Tomb Robber is now perma? Not really, no. But that doesn't matter, it benefits world builders. Every player wants something different - PAW is for everyone - not just what you want.

              Your dreams are what you expected PAW to have, and if you go into PAW expecting what you want to be the main features you will severely be let down. There's something in PAW for everyone, there were HEAPS of clothes, Safety Vault isn't really useful since we have Storage Xtreme that don't need passwords, your account should have AAP if you care enough to use Safety Vaults over the obviously superior Storage Xtreme Level 3 Boxes. But you know even though I don't see a practical use for the Safety Vault, someone else does and I'm not dismayed in the slightest that it took the place of another feature I might have preferred this PAW.
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                I liked the Raccoon leash and the world lock updates. That's about it. Oh yeah, TK69's board was cool.
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                  I think it was the best PAW this year and it had a lot of good QoL updates like the megaphone mod thing
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                    Originally posted by Processor View Post
                    Yeah, World Lock's new feature was good BUT, why they needed to add a Player Level Limit? Couldn't they think that this could be a useful feature for auto-farmers? In my opinion, this new feature could increase amount of auto-farmers. Auto-Farmers now can upgrade their worlds' privacy with this new feature by setting world level to 124.
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                      Originally posted by rrix View Post
                      Imagine signal jammers existing
                      there was absolutely no need to bring this hot mess back to life
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                        actually why complain now?
                        The developers won't change the new items until future updates

                        And also PAW is already over and time to wait for next year
                        Yeeeeeet )))))))))))
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