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Unbalanced New Blocks drop rate since 2018..

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    Originally posted by GrowPixel View Post
    Another Block from Time-Tossed!

    Ruined Bricks, Recipe: Mutated Seed(70wls) + Sidewalk Seed. So, Making 4 blocks cost 70wls...

    Instead of making these items based on rng or rewards. Make them spliceable and put them in rsp/ssp.
    Looks farmable, like asteroids and one-way block.

    Maximum Purchase personal setting

    Suggestion box with many items


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      Originally posted by DeLixx View Post
      Honestly, I just spent 20dl on a summer clash themed world and I must say this pack of yours is straight up op and I (and anyone else that tried to create a cool world with rare blocks) would feel incredibly mistreated if something like that were to be implemented
      Yeah, how dare poor players get a chance to build co worlds! That should be reserved for the ultra-rich!


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        Originally posted by xolotyl View Post
        Returning to the game after leaving it for a while;

        It have went so far that when I entered the tomb of growganoth,I don’t recognize 90% of the blocks there.
        Am I just too far behind,or has the game became something else.
        Originally posted by Viju View Post
        Even if I haven't quitted there are so many blocks that I don't know existed so... same here.
        This post explain that how unbalanced blocks are. They are just too ultra ultra rare to find. These blocks need rebalance...
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          I find some of the arguments completely devoid of perspective that it's almost hilarous yet painfully untrue.
          It's very very important to note that while pricing may not be an issue (let's take me as an example) - It took me WEEKS to find a reasonable quantity of dark castle supplies to build a world as a matter of fact. Numerous other areas as mentioned are affected: Tournament blocks, Boss Goo building blocks under 200%, DNA Plants, Pueblocks.
          I've tried my best back then to have block quantities buffed. Which translated to this and this. Some areas are still left to be addressed, but if some of you are complaining that we're just poor, then I wonder why nobody is complaining about mutated seed & starseed related recipes. Because they're still easy to find, or can be farmed through broken ways.

          People including be would me more than happy to have the block quantities buffed rather than stay unreasonable and continue making it hard for everyone. Even if we'd have spent time and money our feedback about how we experienced getting those blocks is valuable. After all they did bring riding roach back if you ask me if the price drops is an issue.
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