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    Chat is still very choppy. I was gonna wait until the new GUI was released thinking it’s gonna get fixed but noooo. Please fix the choppiness, it’s been more than a year already...


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      The new chat update is... meh. I really dont like it because of how large the buttons are and the white box above the keyboard is huge aswell.
      One thing I noticed (offtopic) is that they FINALLY fixed the game resolution problem on Samsung phones. It actually runs on full res instead of 75%. It looks so much sharper now because of it.
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        Thank you for restarting the server in the middle of a DAILY CHALLENGE.
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          Ill take that back, ty

          I initially wanted to give a full review, but I don't think that's necessary.
          There's a few things I did notice:
          - The chat group buttons are very large and could probably be made 20% smaller
          - The new textbox above the keyboard on mobile is really nice (sadly mobile only), but it tends to hide certain buttons from dialog windows
          - Unlike /msg /r counts as a system message, not a private message
          - The /gc command doesn't work. No one receives the message
          - The /gc command has a 1 minute cooldown, which has been made obsolete with this update if you ask me. Why not add a seperate group for it? That'd make guilds a lot more social
          - writing /msg <player> to check if hes online also counts as a system message
          - Writing multiple rows at once causes the game to freeze for a second (reproduceable by writing /status, or picking up multiple things at once)
          - The text on the chat bubbles on pc is blurry (see pic for reference)

          Click image for larger version

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            Adding onto what I said above:

            - toggle option for the buttons
            - make it so that whatever chat we were on is saved when we move worlds (I like to sit on custom and dislike having to constantly click on the large button every time)
            - messages are inconsistent: System messages (such that of the render world) is in the old formatClick image for larger version

Name:	systemmessage.PNG
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            - short text messages show in the colour `$ whereas longer keep the `6 (I prefer `$ since it is much easier to distinguish from the constant use of `6 in system text).
            Click image for larger version

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              Everything about the new chat is awful. If it ain't broke, why try to fix it?
              • The tabs take up way too much space for something I'm likely never going to use (ideally, they should look like browser tabs; taking up only around 1 line of text of space with a small icon and name. The option to filter chat is nice I suppose, but as it is right now just seems obnoxious).
              • The new colours are jarring (why change them when they've already been well-established for 6 years now?).
              • The gap at the left side of the screen also looks bad, it looked better when the chat actually touched the side of the screen IMO.
              • The weird brackets at the sides look messy and redundant (I don't need a [W] to tell me that text is coming from a player, the player's name already tells me that. I guess it's handy for differenciating between system messages and broadcasts, but it doesn't need to be there for everything).
              • /me has been removed for no apparent reason.
              • Typing "/bc", "/cb", or "/sb" on its own no longer tells you the price. If this is intentional, then why?
              • The new character limit is too strict. Whereas before I could type the whole line and actually be able to type a full sentence at once, I now have to split my sentences into multiple parts. For a fast typer, this just makes the existing "Spam Detected" even more of a problem than it was before. There should also at least be some sort of indication as to where the character limit ends.

              These are just the things I could notice when I briefly logged in earlier, so I'm sure there's other issues I haven't noticed. Personally, I'd love if we were at least given an option to use the old chat, if something like that is even possible.
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                Originally posted by TonyChase View Post
                Overoll, I love the new chat system but there is one exact thing that is bugging me lately. It is the white writing space, located above the keyboard; I can't even clearly look at the people whom I am chatting with it for it is blocking a big view.

                Might suggest to remove it since it is totally unecesarry for it to be there since the old style of the writing were just in the system screen and not above the keyboard.

                Again, this is just a suggestion. This may also concern others.
                THIS NEEDS TO BE REMOVED!!! MY OCD!!!


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                  I am loving the chat update!

                  The Custom Option is very useful (as I assumed from the original teaser), and the new Chat Tags are a great way to combat fake SBs/"mod messages".

                  I also agree that there are bugs that should be fixed; chat box sizing, overall consistency, blurriness(for me on PC), etc, but the update is a step in the right direction.


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                    The new chat system is terrible...

                    Originally posted by Ayame View Post

                    Hello Growtopians,

                    Halloween Week is back in all its glory, including a new event, the Tomb of Growganoth! The long awaited Chat Update is now available for you as well. Read the full announcement here!

                    Please let us know how you like this update, we're eagerly awaiting your feedback
                    I really find that the new change in chat is really bad, it's much harder to read, write, everything... TERRIBLE...


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                      Although the new chat system is alright (typing on mobile devices has been made somewhat easier) I still prefer the older system.
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                        I prefer the old chat, i wish you guys could take back the chat update. I grew up with the old chat since start till now, it just looks wrong in every angle tbf. Maybe a button to toggle new chat/ old? Switch patches & game layouts?? I dunno.

                        **side note: i did try to play around with the chat, i tried to like it, it's just not for me.


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                          the new chat system is so bad please revert it back
                          what we need you guys to do is to have an option for hide and show all buttons on the right side of the screen
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                            Bring back old chat colors...

                            Bring back old chat colours. I made a sample how it will looks with old colours. It's way better than current one, especially msg color.
                            - Broadcasts and messages should be like [BC] ** from <Starkos> (in BUYPHONE) instead of [BC] ** from (Starkos) in (BUYPHONE) //// Changes <> and (in BUYPHONE) instead of in (BUYPHONE)

                            Click image for larger version

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                            Originally posted by Nenkaai View Post
                            How about buttons only show up when the text input bar is activated i.e pressing the chat button on the top right corner? That way we have control on when those chat filter buttons show up and gives more free space for the chat contents.
                            ^ Also this ^
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                              Yes, please. :[

                              Also I'd like to add Super Broadcasts also unnoticable now, maybe change the [SB] with [SUPER BC].
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                                Yes! This was one of the most popular suggestions.
                                I always think that someone is private messaging me, since the world chat is orange.
                                And I don't see messages, since they are such an unusual color.