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Transmutabooth taken inspiration from this thread?

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    Pretty sure someone suggested that on the suggestion box before



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      I remember that this idea was suggested many times, years ago. Because of the game Terraria.
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        in my opinion, both ideas are too far from each other

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          Originally posted by JimIzPro View Post
          in my opinion, both ideas are too far from each other
          Yeah, I agree I don't really see it.
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            apparently, your thread suggests that the machine lets you try any clothes you wish to, before deciding whether to buy them or not.
            the actual transmutabooth does not have any of the functions you suggested. so no
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              Many games of the past have this system - it's usually referred to as "transmogrification". World of Warcraft has this, Terraria has this, Diablo III has this, Destiny 2 recently adopted the system and many other games have it. The funny thing, even Growtopia had this concept since August 2013 (came with the Wild West update) with the Transmog Crystal. It was just done differently - you would mix the item that you wanted to alter (or transmogrify), 20 items that would be responsible for its change in appearance, and a Transmog Crystal.
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                Ok, this thread was supposed to be about others opinions on if the ideas are related, but I guess some people took this in the wrong way. Case closed I guess.
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                  Originally posted by Pooffy View Post
                  Before I ask, I want to make this clear: I am not asking for credit, but I just want to know if Ubisoft considered my suggested idea.

                  Is the transmutabooth derived from this idea? The idea revolved around allowing players to test items on them prior to buying them.

                  No, Ubisoft did not consider your idea, have a good day sir.

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