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[Feedback] Winterfest (Mobile & PC)

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  • [Feedback] Winterfest (Mobile & PC)

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    Hey Growtopians!

    Winterfest and Growch are back! And we added some extra features this time around, so make sure to check the full announcement posted here!

    We're looking forward to hear your feedback, let us know

    ~ Ayame

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    Royal Winter Seals

    Pay to win?


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      woT iS THiS?
      I kept eating apples lol

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        You can get them from 'Ingame activities' but I haven't figured what those are yet..
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          F for me I'll get uba 5 days after winterfest ends



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            Originally posted by Jedaki View Post
            F for me I'll get uba 5 days after winterfest ends
            Winterfest is 2 weeks long.
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              Originally posted by Techy View Post
              Winterfest is 2 weeks long.
              Yes, I get unbanned on 31th



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                There is some cool items.
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                  The Seals are completely pay 2 win as of now.
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                  Damn I clicked on it... I was Luis Fonzied


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                    Royal winter wonders pay 2 win?

                    So the problem is $1/120 seal
                    So we need $100 to get the latest prize
                    $100 is so much
                    Its very expensive for me
                    Because we have different currency
                    Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


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                      I really like the update if the seals is not pay2win
                      Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


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                        It would be cool if it wasn't pay to win


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                          add more way to get seal.

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                            Idk am banned



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                              In all honesty it's just a let down.

                              This whole seal thing is stupid and putting it behind a paywall with no grind to it like what would it take for a chance of a seal to drop while farming or breaking trees get people playing your game

                              240 points for the first item is absolutely obsurred like come on do like 10 points for 200 gems you dropped the ball here

                              The seal prizes aswell level 6 ances behind a paywall is absolutely ludacris

                              - - - Updated - - -

                              Originally posted by GrowPixel View Post
                              I really wonder how can i get 9000 Royal Winter Seal points to upgrade my ancestrals to level 6 (Wrench yourself to see Royal Winter Wonders button)

                              There is no any clue about how we can get these points... Moderators going to host special events? Is it random event like Crystal seed one? We need more information.
                              U can use a cracker on ur mate and get the event which spawns 5 seals yes 5 WHOLE points
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