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So Many People Getting Hacked

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    Originally posted by GEN View Post
    tbh at some point, I met someone who said out in public (to the world) my previous password and GrowID. Also the email I'm currently using.
    It's scary on what they can do.
    Looks like playing growtopia is dangerous


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      Can we stop with all this scare campaign? Administrator should just continue locking threads like these honestly.

      I would be so bold as to say so many people are not getting hacked right now.

      A handful of people out of 15,000 to 30,000 active users online is not some pandemic of hacking.


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        Originally posted by Noodle905
        These people are just being cringe and are desperate for attention. This post was made by some fifteen year old lonely loser sitting in his bedroom.

        The more you share crap like this the more he gains from it, only going for attention.
        Yeah I think those are cringe as well.


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          Ah, again some noob who wanted to be something in gt and failed and now hates us all. Sad.. All should just ignore him.
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