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    I saw the thread title and then I was like 'Impossible!', and hell was I right.
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      And that, people, is why Growtopia has been plummeting down to the ground. Unprofessional, irresponsible, and negligent actions from the moderators themselves.

      Well Im not one to rant cuz I've quit long ago
      Meh gave up on the game, just chilling around the forums .-.

      Goals :
      • Literally nothing
      • Help Im dead inside

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      Originally posted by Sfsuprafang
      Are you from Paris? Cuz I think Eiffel for you <3


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        awwwwwww sad
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          Originally posted by Voxel_Z View Post
          It's obviously your fault, idk what you're talking about.
          You definitely had control over that situation, come on.
          You were totally able to avoid it, and not lose so much stuff.
          It blatantly isn't the game's fault for having a few exploitable glitches.
          It's you, the player, who is responsible for all of this, of course.
          okay high IQ player, tell us how would you avoid it

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          I don't get how is this a 'fair' decision. Who gave back the items? The moderators or the console (referring to those working in the Ubisoft Abu Dhabi HQ)? It's obviously not the player's fault that he lost these items nor this was an expected thing to happen. What the hell is Ubisoft up to? It's their own fault that they had a hole for an exploit to happen, the player has his or her own rights when it comes to his or her items. It's a guild, not an account.

          This might be a 'fair' decision if one was hacked, but with something like this.. it's not acceptable.

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            Hi ISprayGt,

            We understand that you are upset over the issue and we're really sorry that it happened. We worked hard on resolving the exploit and we were also checking what can be done for all the guilds affected, taking into account that it might not be possible to restore guild worlds to their original state. We've been looking for a solution and rest assured that we'll continue looking for it but we'd like you to continue the communication through the Support Team, since any claims can be processed only through tickets. Kindly make sure to keep in touch with the Support and they'll update you regarding any new development.

            Thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime.