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  • [Feedback] Store Wars Update

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    Heya Growtopians!

    We have a new update available in the game and you can read more about it here.

    Check it out now and let us know what you think about it in this thread! We're very excited to know your opinion and suggestions if you have any!

    ~ NekoRei

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    Seems bad.
    Advantages are
    Reduces scam Vends
    Help noobs know what prices that the items have
    Great way to advertise
    Seems to complicated
    We always stick to the old vend

    You can't even put high price.
    You don't know what had happen with the prices. There 's no graph or what so ever. Telling a reason why they risen up
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      Vending Hub Checkout Counter seems like a very useful item, it saves alot of time for people that can't find the vend that sells the item they need. +1 for that

      Digivends i believe they take the average price of the item from the whole of growtopia digivends? I don't know about other, but i can potentially see some sort of manipulation of prices, but it overall helps out people to set a price of an item they wanna sell but they don't know the price. Upgrading normal vends to digivends using 4k gems is also a feasible way, saves the hassle of even selling normal vends and buy actual digivends . kinda neutral

      but only people with premium subscriptions can see how far off the price of an item is from average? I don't know why, it's probably to get more people to buy the subscriptions more, kinda like a Pay-to-save wls but instead you're wasting money. But i don't see a need for people to actually buy subscription just to potentially get an item at decent prices, there's really no correlation. -1 for that, sorry

      overall this update seems abit.... how to put it... controversial? But i like the checkout counter idea, will be useful for many of us i believe


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        well i think idea is super .

        but it is not going to work everyone

        1. u can see warning that this item is 500% over average price = no one is crazy to put this vend in their world . it would scare people away .

        2 . it is good for ssp shops or if u sell super cheap items .

        3 . it prompts many future scams vith vend machines ...

        4. it is good for stocking vends . just use vend hub to stock all your vends .

        + what happends if someone own 200+ magplants and set em to 1000 dl each . will average price change .
        + what happends if that same person sets 200 magplants 1wl each .
        (behind locked door so no one can acess those vends)

        how about pwing . draconic wing . and rare items can be manipulated .

        just think what happends if 10 people who have ton of dls come together and to this .. 100 pwing set to 999dl ea rise price . 100 pwing set to 1wl ea drop price .

        this seems like its easy to manipulate prices . even easyer than before
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          Ah kinda disappointed
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            The value check average price isn't detected by what prices people put in their vending machines. They're detected by what prices people trade. So if most ppl sold by trading mags 20dls then average price will be 20dl, not if you put mag in vend for 20dl then the price would be 20...
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                But Growstocks will die..


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                  Very promising and the few new features that I have explored are cool.

                  Other than the subscription requirement for the trading, i'm happy
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                    Originally posted by Clarken (ciarken) View Post
                    Very promising and the few new features that I have explored are cool.

                    Other than the subscription requirement for the trading, i'm happy
                    Same fam everything except the subscription
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                      The update in buying item in store

                      You know it sucks when buyying item in store will take too much time instead of using the extra time in farming or planting u will need more time in buying packs in store.
                      It sucks to be honest especially to the not auto clicker user. You know macro can copy most of what u do in computer so its useless update they can still make another copy of what they do and macro will just copy it.
                      it will just less their time in buyying packs but it is still auto.
                      How about the normal gamers ?
                      Not all of the farmer are doing auto and not all the people who go buy item in the store do it on auto.
                      You know the game has more normal player than auto clicker or macro user.
                      Just hoping you will back the old system it gives my hand an ache also.
                      I just bought 100 pack of crime and it took too much time and its tiring and making me sleepy .
                      Thank you thats all


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                        The worst update. People can change the prices and affect the price like in real life a crash in market stock.

                        There should be an option to digivend to vending machine for free. I upgraded my vend in a spot world and I can't revert it back.
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                          not bad tho as a growtopian i feel this items is so useful.

                          for 365 days subscription too and some other..
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                            Value-Check for supporters only?

                            I noticed this when my friend came to my world to test out the new Hub. Unfortunately, he was unable to see the value-check because he wasn't a supporter. And no, I'm not talking about the percentage. To verify if this was true, I hopped onto my alt account with supporter status to test this theory. I was able to see the value-check thing. However, when I logged in as a new player., I was unable to see the value-check thing for the vends. Can someone verify this theory if it is true or not or why is this happening?
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                              Super glad it’s not market place or reverse vends.

                              This update is ok. A nice QOL update. Price checking in game now is super nice. Even though I have a feeling it’s exploitable through the use of multiple accounts trading.

                              The whole check out thing is nice too.

                              The last 3 updates have been QOL (Chat was nice and I’ve used it a lot for guilds and when doing pet battles, Transmutabooth, while I haven’t used it yet, has awesome combinations to come, and it’s great) and now store wars. What will come next? I don’t know. But my only wish is a gem store revamp because rn it’s super messy

                              My rating is a 7/10 due to the chance of being exploited bringing it down but other than that it’s nice