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  • New gamemodes for the game generator

    1.Hunger Games
    Basically it's just like Hunger Games, you go around and find stuffs to fight. We need one additional block for this. It's gonna be called Item Spawner or something like that. You can edit a few properties on it. You can make it visible or invisible while the game has begun (not the items spawned later but the blocks so people won't camp on it). You will also have an option to enable or disable it. You can put multiple items on it and it will randomly spew out one prototype at the game. Prototype? Yeah so people can't scam with it. So basically if you put in a Cyclopean Visor (or laser) and a Growsaber, it will randomly spew out one of them at the game, BUT if you leave the world the item will be removed from your inventory (like the Magplant Remote) so you can't steal from the owner. Or you can do like a prototype thing where the items spewed out is not the item itself. And when the game is over it will be removed from your inventory. Speaking of inventory, what about the original one? The game generator will automatically sort that out for you. You will have a second inventory only for the Hunger Games (it's not gonna be there forever, it will only appear if you're in a Hunger Games). While the game is going, people can't access their inventory, drop the items, or trash the items (for security purposes). Yes, there's gonna be an option for team mode, which we already have. I think that's it for the Hunger Games.

    2. Top Killer
    Everybody is gonna start with the same weapons. The more you kill the better your weapons are. It could be ranged from Fist to Cyclopean Visor, later you're gonna have an additional Fire Hose and then you'll have the Cloak of Falling Waters or maybe the Demon Control Cap.

    New Kill System
    There's gonna be a new feature where you can choose to count the kills based on the Last Hit, or the amount of damage dealt. So you can choose to let people be jerks and steal kills, or you can choose to let people fight for the score. This applies to ALL new gamemodes.

    4. Prizing System
    Simple, you put a prize (people can see it by wrenching the Game Generator), the winner gets it. So it's automated prizing. You can enable or disable this feature (no need to remove the items every time you want to disable it).
    Slasher (Suggested by iDruid)
    Quote Originally Posted by iDruid View Post
    There are 4 survivors, 1 slasher, you have to survive a certain amount of time (time is set by the owner), the survivors can't fight back, can take up to 3 hits before they die. For added effect, maybe even more blocks so the survivors can fight back, and the slasher can only die in 15 hits.

    5. Slenderman
    There can be an infinite amount of players (up to the world capacity). Every 10 players, 1 player will be chosen to be the slenderman randomly by the Game Generator. Players will be put in an area (optional) where they will run around trying to escape from the Slenderman. The Slenderman will have the title Slender (in red) in front of their names and have a black robe with a white plain mask. Players will be able to zoom out to a maximum radius of 10 blocks to every sides. Slenderman will be able to zoom out normally. If the slenderman is 15 blocks near to the player they will hear a creepy sound. The slenderman will have a set of skills. The slenderman will have to choose either Paralyze, Dash, or Resurrect. With Paralyze, every player (excluding the Slenderman of course) will be surprised with a creepy face of Seth and be frozen in place for 5 seconds. Paralyze can only be used twice every game so be wise using them! With Dash, the Slenderman can teleport 5 blocks to the direction the Slenderman's facing to. Dash will have a cooldown of 30 seconds. With Resurrect, you can bring a player back to life and they will have to help the Slenderman. The resurrected player will look like as a normal player, no titles or costumes. The players can win by 2 ways. The players can wait for the time to run out to win. The players can also find a selected item scattered around the world (by the Item Spawner) or a Game Flag and bring them to a Game Goal. Only 1 Game Goal is allowed on this gamemode so there is gonna be an option for the Game Goal to be included or not. If multiple Game Goals have this gamemode allowed then the Game Generator will randomly choose one.

    6. Area Selector and Area Border
    You can choose an area for the game (if you don't want to move the Game Grave). With the Area Border you can border the area. You have to place every single Area Border at the border line (there are reasons why you can't just place on at all the edge). With Area Selector, you can choose which border is for what game.

    I hope that Ubisoft can someday create this. If you're still reading this, thanks for wasting a few minutes of your day to read my suggestion that probably would never make it into Growtopia.

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