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At least let us equip the rayman fist.

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  • At least let us equip the rayman fist.

    Ok so they just unlocked dls, but locked more items like rayman and growscan.
    I know that they are trying to clean up all the duplicated items but at least allow us to equip it as Long as it is not traded or dropped I don’t think it will affect anything.

    I mean I depend on Rayman on my profit, I use it to farm my tackle box and without it I would be farming a 30 mins tackle farm for 2 hours + I have 3 worlds .

    I really wish that you guys would allow us to equip it cause many people will be affected by it. Really appreciate if you guys could do it.

    If not if it really affects your hunting for duplicated items then nvm. I mean I just lose 2 dls a day no big deal

    Jk it’s a big deal, but still again if it affects you guys then NVM

    But thanks in advance if it is possible.
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