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[Merged] Will Ubisoft Support Reply? Will I Get My Lost Items Back?

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    Huhu, I lost nothing so I don't need to wait patiently

    Because I wasn't even on for days during the rollback period
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      Originally posted by Jane4591 View Post
      I also lost my magplant since rollback 6 and i email them on that day also, i didn't get reply until 6 July they finaly reply me and want me to tell them if im sure that my items are missing.. After i reply to that message i didn't get any reply until 18 July (yesterday) they finally give back my magplant Thanks to the support team..

      So u guys who still didn't get any reply from them just wait patiently.. They are doing their job right now.. one by one will be replied..

      But idk if u guys still didn't get the first reply until now.. because i got 2 email from them.. first reply they want us to reply back to them if u sure u lost ur items, second reply is they give us the conclusion after they do the investigation and u will get ur items back..


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        Originally posted by Lunarsx View Post
        nope bro, still no reply but i contacted misthios and he replied wait patiently theyre working on it, he said if others people is similar problem like u, but they got reply and get their items back, misthios said they'll catch ur catch in nearly time.

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        *case typo hehe
        How can i contact them? Rimanah is my favorite ones :/ did u dm them in discord or ig? Jackbowe is misthios right?


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          Originally posted by iSpoof View Post
          [ To Those Who Made A Support Ticket ]

          • Check Your Ticket Status. They may have already responded and are waiting for confirmation.

          • Community Managers might respond to your ticket but not through the ticket system. I received an email from Ubisoft support.

          • ^ Check Your Spam Folders. That’s what I checked and it turns out they were waiting for account confirmation (To prevent others claiming for you/fraud? Not exactly sure).

          [ I Got My Stuff Returned TODAY. 19 Days after I first sent the support ticket ]

          Again, if you have sent a support ticket and haven’t received a response, check your ticket status or Spam folder for the email you used (Ticket/Growtopia Account)
          Okay can i ask you? When did you get your first reply from them? Because i emailed them july 5 and I haven't receive any reply from then only automated message haha


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            We understand that a lot of players who lost their items are very concerned whether or not they will get their missing items back. We do apologize for the delay in response from our Customer Support Team.

            As I mentioned in previous threads, if you have sent your lost item report to our customer support, as long as you have already provided them all the details they asked from you and once they were able to confirm that you indeed lost items through investigation, you will get your items back.

            However, you need to be extra patient as our team is receiving thousands and thousands of email report recently. And due to the duplication glitch, half of our support team is busy investigating and retrieving the duplicated items. Therefore, expect delay in getting a response.

            But we're doing our best to speed things up and get more manpower so we'll be able to address everyone's email reports as soon as possible.


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              Originally posted by WTG View Post
              How can i contact them? Rimanah is my favorite ones :/ did u dm them in discord or ig? Jackbowe is misthios right?
              idk i chatte don ig and discord at the same time and he reply it 1 by 1 lol , but he replied discord faster