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whats with the open carnival then close it?

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  • whats with the open carnival then close it?

    so i read the notices and say that carnival wont be open until next month, but i was suprised that it was open when i logged on today. it was open for 3 hours but closed at 03:00 GT TIME. so i guess they closed it because some rings are LOCKED meaning u cant wear them or use them... but one thing i dont get was, why did it open in the first place? did qadevone and ubisoft forget to cancel it and realised it opened? i think ubisoft has a automatic open date....
    I'm a Easter egg / mystery hunter.

    I discovered out how much growtopia sold for (3.7 million euros) in the UBISOFT ANNUAL REPORTS and found out no one else noticed it, so i made it public after a month of research. you can check it out in CAPTINFO