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    Originally posted by Phloqiston View Post

    u gEt it tOo
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      Originally posted by IWasWeird View Post
      forgot to mention something where is the signature
      Originally posted by Ziasne View Post
      Apparently only guest can see it now..
      You have to enable it in the User Settings.
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        I just find it harder to navigate. A lot of the buttons lack contrast or visibility, leading to lower accessibility and it overall just feels very plain (pretty much white and pale greys). There should be more distinguishability between posts, profiles, buttons, etc.

        Additionally, it feels very zoomed out. I'm currently on Zoom +125% which feels perfect. The normal scope of the forums just has way too much space on the side-bars and feels zoomed out. The last forum design was much better designed, this new look feels like a downgrade and bleached. The only upside I see to this is the new and improved functionality of everything.
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          it's weird how you can post old thread, it's make me confused.
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            I didn't use previous version of forums daily and I think that's because of difficulty to use. Also forums logged me out quite often and for some reason on mobiles it didn't remember the password and neither did I.

            So I'm not that attached to the old forums as some seem to be. With this short time of experience this feels fresh and quite easy to use. I also like the design. "Like" button is good.

            I also got a few error pages. Signatures seem to be missing, but tbh I'm not sure if they are needed. Signatures just take a lot of space in comments.

            A would suggest a few improvements:

            - It would be handy if one could choose to get a notification every time when devs/mods start a new topic or posts/comments something. That would be a good way to get information. You wouldn't need to search posts with username. I didn't try the subscription option yet. If you get notifications that way, then there should be groups, for example developers, moderators, guardians etc.

            - When you have chosen to subscribe threads/topics, they stay on that list forever I guess. It was pretty easy to unsubscribe them one by one, but could there be an option to choose all subscriptions and then unsubscribe?

            - Twitter really isn't my thing, even if a nameless president uses it daily. I would find a Discord sharing option better (if it would be technically possible). Players use Discord quite a lot.

            Good job altogether!

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              pls turn it back I absolutely hate the new design
              also give back manual bbcode please

              edit: where is my signature
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                A couple bits of critisism, suggestions, feedback etc.

                1. Lack of Borders

                2. Quote, Flag and Like Buttons

                3. Layout of the top right corner

                4. "Share, Tweet buttons"

                5. The circle signaling if you're active

                6. Unused sub-forums

                7. Some things I like about the new forums and a final suggestion.

                I don't really know if this was a thing in the old forums but I like the fact that there is a 'Go to top' button (although its also a bit small). I also like the fact that you can like posts but I wish disliking was also a thing but I understand why it wasn't added.

                Now for the final suggestion;

                Make a like counter below the post counter
                (Also make the forum ranks; master sorcerer etc. count likes instead of posts). If this was implemented, people who would spam just to increase their post count would stop completely because people can just look at how many likes they have instead. This would also make people create "better posts". (better posts in quotation marks)


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                  The current design is cool, I guess. Like the buttons and things are nice, but it's just too white for me. Maybe, if there was a Dark Mode, it'd be much better. It's a bit confusing for everyone right now, especially those who've been using the old design daily for years, but I think we'll get used to this. Just like we got used to the Chat System Update we had last year in-game.

                  Something that I don't like about this and I won't get used to, for sure is, that the pages contain less threads now. This will become very problematic in Buying & Selling sub-forum for example, where new threads are constantly posted and old threads have to be bumped often.
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                    This current version of the forums feels squeezed in some sense, forcing you to scroll downwards to view the threads rather than being able to view it all at once.

                    Also, signatures seem to be missing which is a huge shame, along with the name list of Forumers who were online, browsing the forums.

                    This new version is smoother but it seemed to have came at a price.
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                      Originally posted by Baskerville View Post
                      Hello Growtopians,

                      First of all, the team and I welcome you on the new and shiny Growtopia Forums!

                      We've been working hard in the last couple of weels to provide you with a much-needed, modern and improved experience. Not only is the forum upgraded to a newer software version now, we've updated and optimized the theme as well!

                      As we are still working on some minor forum improvements and bugs caused due to migration of the database. In the meantime we would ask you to provide us with your feedback and any bugs you find in this thread.

                      ~ Baskerville
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                        Old version is better. I do not like all this scrolling.
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                          Yo, this is actually lit. Cleaner design. Well done!
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                            I really like this new and improved growtopia forums, it has a nice modern design and actually find it easy to use.
                            Good job Mod team and everyone who helped to design this new and improved forums!


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                              Look nice I like it


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                                Basically horrible. We are not familiar with this. You broke it worse when you try to make it better, good job.
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