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How to get a Legendary Branch Item

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  • How to get a Legendary Branch Item

    Hello, I am Chrispy.
    This is the topic of discussion in this thread: How do you get a Legendary Branch Item?

    Below I have calculated how many tokens you will need for getting 10 Legendary Clash Keys (therefore a Legendary Branch Item). My calculations are based on this assumption: in every Clash Event you can get the same amount of tokens from Personal Rewards and from Guild Rewards.

    To complete 1 Legendary Branch and get 1 Legendary Clash Key you need a total of 3 000 tokens. Prizes cost 200, 400, 600, 800, and 1 000 tokens. There are 3 Seasonal Clash Events; Spring, Summer and Winter. Each Season contains 4 Clash Events and therefore there are 12 Clash Events in total. If you claim all the 20 token rewards from the Personal Rewards you get 2 115 tokens and from the Guild Rewards you get 1 656 which adds up in a total of 3 771 tokens.

    Because you need 3 000 tokens/Legendary Clash Key you will need 10 times more to get the Legendary Branch Item meaning 30 000 tokens. If you manage to claim all the 20 Personal Rewards and the 20 Guild Rewards during all the 12 Clash Events you will get a total of 45 252 tokens.

    This is more than enough for what is needed to get a Legendary Branch Item. Unfortunately some Clash Events can be harder or more expensive than others to participate in, and getting near maximum on Personal and Guild Rewards on every single event can be a great challenge, which it should be, for the reward is truly a Legendary Item.

    You can also get tokens from joining a high ranked Guild or by working your way up to the Personal Leaderboard. Everyone on the Guild Leaderboard (ranked 1-500th place) get 40-800 tokens, and if you are ranked 1-2000th place on Personal Leaderboard you get 20-900 tokens.

    Additionally the last way of earning tokens is to buy Subscription Tokens for cash where you can get a daily amount of tokens.

    If any of this information is unclear or incorrect, a respons would be appreciated by everyone reading this. Thank you for reading my post.

    ~ Chrispy

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    Sadly the last legendary reward was just a fancy fist. Ahem.. (That's a link btw, the new forums don't highlight links and it looks like plain text)
    . because yes ,

    Changed my name to Proni2


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      Wrong sub fourm


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        Originally posted by benzygs94 View Post
        Wrong sub fourm
        Ok man.... Don't you have anything better to say regarding this thread?
        anyway thanks for the information.