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When EXACTLY is Carnival?

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  • When EXACTLY is Carnival?

    This is getting outta hand. Last month, Carnival was not available as the duplicate glitch cause some issues to a few rings thus making Carnival to be closed for the month on July. In return, the Growtopia dev team decided to "Double the days" of Carnival for the next month aka August. Yes, they did state it but I can't seem to find the source, if anyone could find it, please post it here. I'm okay for the delay and all but TODAY, something else happen. I've posted 2 attachments below as references to show yall. The main part yall gotta look at is already highlighted by me with horrible editing, sorry not sorry. Also do look at the dates for people who say "owh but the Growtopia team didn't promise you bla bla bla..." The first one stated from Baskerville, exactly 1 month 1 day ago from the time I'm posting this. It shows that carnival has been replaced to mutated kitchen on 13th of July 2020. Okay, understandable and all, duplication glitch caused that issue, I get it. Then the post of them doing double Carnival days (unavailable) on the next month aka August. Okay sounds great as a replacement. And guess what?! Today Kairos posted as seen below, yes today 14th of AUGUST 2020 quoted ,"it was actually set to a different date NEXT MONTH." Let me repeat, today is 14TH OF AUGUST YEAR 2020, not July not September but AUGUST. So what does it mean now, do we have Carnival this month aka August or no? And if not when is it? I really hope The Growtopia Team can speak up here as we literally want to know what is gonna happen next.
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