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    Originally posted by chanleetisa View Post
    This is the worst PAW I've ever had in my life. I wanted them to modify rsp packs so you can open them like ssp packs. Instead they ruined the whole economy by doubling the price. Also added more gems to the purchase = greedy for the money. Instead of adding useless things and rebalancing the rsp packs, they should have added new items to mass/ added ways to deal with inflation like adding a new type of Locke.
    You are getting more for your money. I dont see the problem


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      Please revamp the Infinity Weather Machine. It could be so much more that will make it more useful.
      Here are my feedbacks to the machine:

      1.) Allow us players to save inputs to the machines like Stuff, Heatwave, ect. Saving the values until it is removed by the player which will be set to its deafult value and properties.

      That will unlock numerous ideas for the worlds. I planned on mixing two Heatwaves with different values that will create a simple and controlled color transitions.

      2.) Allow us to adjust the length of the weather transitioning from one another. Giving it a longer fade will make it more smooth than just a sudden change.

      Since there's no sunset or dawn, it's sudden between the two which is night and sunny.

      3.) Since that exists now, why not make a weather machine for the rest of the weathers that doesn't have a weather machine. Like Underwater, Beach, ect.

      It'll give us more option, please consider. And do. Not. Make. Them. Crazy. Expensive.

      Thanks and have a good day! ^-^
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        Good suggestion for more weather machines, I'll like to see more types coming soon, with harvestfest coming up soon

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      judging from all 7 days. It's mostly just slight new features and fixes which should had happened way long ago, slapped onto a Paw Update title

      the good side is just new cool cosmetics ig
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        Just got sad when Harvest Scarf is still not transmutable

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          No /hmm emote

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            Paw Day 1

            Features: Overall pretty good, the “My Worlds” Button should of been alot different though, it would be alot nicer and cooler if it was similar to how scoreboards were, listing around 10 worlds per page, with links to each world at the push of a button. The other things like balancing, child protection, and sound bar are all nice additions.

            Items: While im not a fan of all items on day 1 being all axolotl items, atleast they look nice, however i wish you gave us just a pink hoodie instead of the axolotl one because i think the paws on the hoodie ruin it.

            Paw Day 2

            Features: Time-Stamps are nice, i know other MMOs have them. The notepad should of been more like a bulletin board, rn its really limiting and i see no real use for it if i can just use a piece of paper. Elegant rebalances are nice but why do 3 items need carrots? This would of been a good opportunity to change them into something like oil slicks, tiled hospital walls, or beat root blocks. I’m VERY happy to see Train-Es no longer give Cads, however they still drop role items which i think should also be removed, why master the surg role if your not going to be a real surgeon? Also using “Bug fixes” has a feature for PAW feels really bad, these fixes should be done without PAW.

            Items: Cant say much again but i wish it wasnt all the waist sweaters. They look nice though.

            Paw Day 3

            Features: Guild Notepad of course has the same issue has the personal notepad. Also why cant you use growmojis here? And blocking trade/muting friends only seems a little strange, i mean they are your friends, this feels more like something you should be able to do to random players. Also i like how we can have status now, however, little weird its not in the social menu. Plus this is the day i found out how cluttered menus are, hopefully in a future update we can clean these menus to be more compact and neat.

            Items: All growtoken items. I'm starting to see a small pattern. The GrowBoy is a wasted opportunity, all it does is shoot the green growtopians, and with focus eyes being the same price. I dont see why anyone would buy this. The box is cool, i wish it hid your hands though. Llama is nice too, very cool punch effect. Little weird how they're all untradable. I mean i can see the box and llama being untradable but not the Growboy, has its basically the same has BLyoshi’s free dirt gun, just more expensive.

            Paw Day 4

            Featues: While i never saw the need for Keybindings myself, according to discord theyre a blessing. The block changes are really nice, same with glue. I cant say much for this day. Apparently there is alot more, but i dont think you guys should of hide so much. Like what got changed with Splunkorama 2? We dont know and its hard to test.

            Items: Following the little of new today we have only 2 new items. The Zodiac wings are nice, i was worried at first they would be limited to this PAW only, which would of been a scum move. Luckily they arn’t. The Eldritch bow is ugly. I saw someone asking for it but, I just dont see people using it. I mean the electric bow was suggested too but no one uses that either. Also note this is the day where i worried we would be getting no new blocks.

            Paw Day 5

            Features: Of course we dont have much today but thats fine. You can now remove certain items off mannequins and donation boxes, which is a blessing, have be it they removed the pictures (In donation boxes) Would be nice if we got those back. Also the digivend confirm screen, thats nice. Also im just going to count the console plaque has a feature, its nice.

            Items: The mannequins are nice however we got Troll, LOL, and OMG… but no mad? We got sad why not mad? I would assume mad would be more used than something like Troll but. Whatever it should be easy to add in someday. Creepy baby gate block is funny, but only drops in 1? Should be like 2 or 3. The Infinity weather machine is really cool, i see alot of people using it. Lastly the ghost block is a new parkour item that im sure ill be seeing being used in the future.

            Paw Day 6

            Features: There was a new RSP balance, to 1k gems, i wish we knew what changed in the pack but even if there was nothing im ok with a price change, gems are easy to get, and people should know 1k gems isnt alot anymore. The new Categories are nice too.

            Items: 4 Items, Gorilla ride is probably the best, as i spent all i had trying to get it lol. You also gave us a sock pet, which I wish this was the icon White sock with a red strip but whatever, another monkey item, a leash, then a buffalo pet. All really nice items.

            Paw Day 7

            Features: New transmutatable items!!! Finally! There is some im confused didnt make the list like Ghost Kings Glory, or ice skates, but there is alot that still are now transmutatable, hopefully in the future, all items (atleast the ones that should be) can be transmutatable! /smh is ok, not the best but still nice.

            Items: This day i think gave us the most items, going out with a bang. Alot of these are really nice, i personally like the Luigi/Mario looking Mustache! Lots of good items today.

            Overall: This PAW went above my expectation, I didnt expect much due to the dupe in July, 2 rollbacks, and the in progress of Card PVP coming back and whatever July’s secret update was. I’m a little disappointed you didnt straight up tell us all the balances changes, but whatever. The items are really nice too. Some features I feel could of been made nice but, just didnt work out, Like the World List, Note Pad, Friend Features, etc. But these can hopefully be adjusting in a QOL update down the line.


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              Personally I don't think things have been tested to your full ability and this is really poor effort for paw.
              I love some of the new features added but this gets sidelined for me with unplayable servers constantly a issue but never properly fixed and the bugs and issues you have with these new features.
              we asked for years and we ask again.
              Test things properly!
              Your work goes to nothing when you're suffering outage for hours on end or glitches and bugs that could have been found if beta was used with select players.

              I'm so shocked no new server was introduced or nothing to fix server lag or time out.
              No ddos protection on top of this just makes for a bad combination.

              Again I really like the new features and this isn't hate it's the truth.
              We appreciate your work but you're not helping yourselves here.
              You earn enough to invest in better servers that are reliable, that's the number one complaint on GT and nothing was done.
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                DAY 7 and Overall thoughts

                Not bad to be honest, it was very dry for the first 6 days and day 7 seemed to just give alot of items, not complaining but yeeah, nice cosmetics. More transmutable items, thank god we needed those. I thought there will be more added, but oh well we hope to get even more perhaps every month or 2 weeks.

                Now, my overall thoughts? This year's PAW was sadly not the best one so far. Yes, there are alot of QOL updates, useful ones especially. doesn't feel right at the same time, since such QOL updates could have been made into a separate QOL update for probably even next month's.(We could include in current visual bugs to be fixed as well. like those which effects have been temporarily removed because of fps issues) The clothings are cool, but I felt more could be done for the first 3-4days of PAW. It was like 1-2 clothing pieces and thats it. Probably bring it up to about 4-5 would be great enough. Or if you want to go even further, be as crazy as like Day 7's cosmetics. If not, probably add on to existing items in the game already. For example, more dyes. It has been requested for a pretty long time to add in even more colours, especially white. It could have been a whole day related to colours where white, orange, yellow, possibly purple and pink be added to give everyone more variety to colour their clothing or blocks.

                Rating wise... I'd have to give it a 6/10....

                I hope next PAW would be much better, nice try though, despite what's being going on recently everywhere


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                  My recent post have alot of feedback regarding to PAW
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                  • Probably enough to be rated as decent without a long downtime during day 6 due to a bug, just a day before the grand finale of every single PAW. Hoping to see a far better PAW next year.

                    2020's PAW is barely satisfying if not for additional feature such as Ignore Button for player and some other. Hotkeys kinda trash IMO. Consider adding a keybind for "Trash/Recycle" and "Drop" button also the option to select certain slot from hot bar by pressing a key would be very very nice.

                    ​​​​​​Also please don't stack buttons in a single row on our info menu. Right now there are 7? 8? Buttons lining on top of each other when you wrench yourself. We need more efficiency when it comes to scrolling on that menu.


                    • Price change of RSP is downright unreasonable and a terrible move of the developers. Why do you think RSP needs "readjustment?" It was not even unbalanced at all. This price change stripped a lot of people of their source of income. What's more, buyers cannot find any RSP vending world that are still in stock at all. It feels so silly to change the price of RSP when it was so stable.
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                      • Originally posted by RealSpiritSK View Post
                        Price change of RSP is downright unreasonable and a terrible move of the developers. Why do you think RSP needs "readjustment?" It was not even unbalanced at all. This price change stripped a lot of people of their source of income. What's more, buyers cannot find any RSP vending world that are still in stock at all. It feels so silly to change the price of RSP when it was so stable.
                        Yeah... Was there even any changes made to RSP to justify a price change, or did they literally only just raise the price without adding anything worthwhile to it?
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                        • The changes to train-e was way overdue and it's good that it got changed but why was the elegant recipes and thingamabob price changed. The problem was the train-e because buying train-e 12600 train-e 7 per wl (costs 1800 WLs) would give you 12600 caduceus which you then could use to buy 1 thingamabob (2300 WLs). So why would you change the caduceus price of thingamabob when the reason it is so common it the train-e that you already changed.

                          While you did all these surgs you would get 5 tools back every surgery and you wouldn't need to spend that much tools on the surgeries because they are easy ones in the train-e. So maybe you would get back all the wls you spent when you bought sold the thingamabob. So you break even but the people doing this also had a high surgery role which makes it so they get, Bio-Waste, Toffee, Electrical Power Cube, Operating Theater Lamps and more. This makes it so all those items are cheaper because they get 5 of them pretty often. Which then makes it so Lamps which are only used in guild event cheaper since there is no demand while there isnt a surgery event.

                          The solution to this is to remove the caduceus from the train-e which you did. Now you can no longer get a thingamabob from doing many train-e surgeries. Which makes it not as easy to get the rest of the role items. But you also adjust the elegant tools so they now need 20 instead of 2 toffee and 20 instead of 2 lamps. When the reason there are so many of these items are that train-e gave caduceus.

                          The elegant tool changes wasn't needed and we haven't gotten an explanation to why these changes were needed. And the series 3 already started so if you wanted to make changes they should be made before it started or after it ends not in the middle.


                          • Here are some of my positive feedback that I only interested in for this years PAW in different Segments. (minus the glitches)

                            --- Day 1 ---

                            Day 1 features an Axolotl Set which looks very adorable in my opinion as well as a ban reason which is a step-upish from contacting support for the reason.

                            --- Day 2 ---

                            Day 2 has some notable features including Notebook which is like your personal Diary and Chat Timestamp. Tbh, I like both.

                            --- Day 3 ---

                            Day 3 updates the friend list that is almost like Discord Status but that's just me. You can also mute and blocked trades which is very good.

                            --- Day 4 ---

                            Day 4 adds 2 new items: The Eldritch Crossbow and the Zodiac Wings. I like wings mostly because it represents most of the zodiac constellations greek mythology.

                            --- Day 5 ---

                            Day 5 was an absolute train wreck but still a decent update. Mostly because of an exploit where you can still steal items from mannequin while having no access. It's now fixed i think. It features a new item called Infinity Weather Machine which cycles through some Weather Machines that can be added as well as 4 Emoji Mannequin.

                            --- Day 6 ---

                            Day 6 features a Burrito Leash and Riding Gorilla. There's nothing more to it about this update.

                            --- Day 7 ---

                            Day 7 which is the final day of PAW features Super Mod Dance Party as well a few new items. My personal favorite for this day were the Rosy Cheeks because of you know what it starts with an R and
                            Anime Male Hair because it's design.

                            Super Mod Dance Party was awesome. Since I have a blast meeting some old mods, playing some mini games hosted by some mods (ex. Fournos from that checkered race flag hunt that I won), and just hanging around in certain worlds.

                            Hopefully by next year, there will be some better features.
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                            • that why i love PAW's new feature!
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