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Rendered worlds are outdated...

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  • Rendered worlds are outdated...

    Since April, render worlds have had the gimmicky sets given to the players on the rendered world. Additionally, blocks since the most recent Startopia update in June do not appear on the render and this does have a significant impact on those utilising the blocks.

    I know it may seem like something so minuscule in the grand scheme of things, but it's been months. Please update /renderworld.
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    Ikr. My intended WOTD world uses a lot of Junk Space Dirt and those block doesn't show up in renderworld image which not only halted my project but also feels weird to be summited as WOTD attempt. Imagine seeing your world winning the WOTD but the render shows nothing except some floating spikes and mannequins.

    Please fix this..


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      It's very bugged
      some noticed that when they rendered their world some blocks are shifted to the right abit

      And some else (probably everyone) got random clothing/set
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        Bringing this up?
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