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Question: Why are Annual Events above new features?

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  • Question: Why are Annual Events above new features?

    Now i kinda already know the answer, Money duh, all MMOs do it, Limited items and features that, while you can 100% most of the time do for free, you could always spend money too. But why is this put above the new feature?

    I mean we don't need tons of new items every year. Like 3-4 would do on their own. I mean wouldn't something that takes awhile to develop and test be a higher priority than an update that probably doesnt introduce any new mechanics or game changing stuff, just some new blocks and clothes?

    Also why are we getting a new Annual event? I don't think we need anymore, every month as 1 already.

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    I guess it's a priority to ensure that we always get the annual event. Like, imagine if there suddenly just was no Harvest Fest or something lol
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      I agree with this, and for some reason if they didn't add game changing stuff, it's gonna be same mind with this one.
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