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[Discussion] BUYworlds & their conduct.

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  • [Discussion] BUYworlds & their conduct.

    Hi, everyone.

    Over the past few months we've noticed a spark in the number of complaints about the conduct of BUYworlds & also an evolution in the methods they're using to prevent users actively trading within these worlds.

    This is a problem that is of an entirely different nature to ones we've faced before, so gathering feedback on how we handle it (or if we do at all) is vital to addressing the situation in a way that represents the interests of the game and the community.

    What we know for sure is we've always wanted to try and offer a fair trading experience - this is why we introduced Billboards & made changes to certain items to prevent further hindrance of trading (such as Vending Machines & Dark Cave Background no longer working in conjunction with one another).

    This thread will serve as a discussion thread for this issue - we'll be listening to opinions, suggestions and solutions & taking it all on board to discuss internally. The discussion will be open for a while, as we want to try and gauge the opinions of as many people as possible (including both BUYworld owners & BUYworld customers - it's important to look at both sides).

    On the 21st June I created a draft proposal known as the "Code of Ethics" - which includes a string of consistent punishments along with an idea of what sort of things we're currently considering acting against. Below is a heavily redacted version of that internal proposal. Hopefully this will give some insight about what can be expected if we do decide to take steps to enforce guidelines for BUYworlds & their conduct.

    Feel free to ask any questions, share any thoughts and leave any of your own suggestions. We want to gather as much feedback as possible - this will be a change that's made for the community, so I strongly believe it should be influenced by the community, as well.

    To be clear: discussions within this thread MUST remain civil. You are absolutely free to disagree, offer counter-points & share why you believe we should do x, y or z - but you will do it respectfully. Infractions will be given for anyone who tries to derail the thread.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to lay out the plans I have for further progression of this topic (and also for what I want to personally focus on in the coming months in general - whether that be by proposals or future community discussions). This will all be in the spoiler.

    5th September update: I've made a Google Form regarding this issue - for several reasons:
    • It's easy to collate feedback for specific questions (which I can gather from the discussion points).
    • Because it's accessible to those outside of the forums - everyone deserves to have a say, so I'll advertise the Google Form outside of the forums so that everyone has the opportunity to share their opinion and have their voice heard.
    If you've been a part of this discussion, you're still more than welcome (and even encouraged to!) answer this survey so we can gauge the communities opinions on the finer points of the discussion, not just the broad opinions.

    Click here the the form!

    I look forward to reading and responding to your thoughts!

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    thank you


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      Also how about world auctioning? Like world B its
      ​​inaccessible​​​​ better to someone buy it than we lost 1 letter world etc
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        It's sad that people do everything to prevent people's trades in their worlds.
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          Here before they remake the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 and ban monopolies

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            Also since we're having a discussion on BUYworlds also maybe a proposition on the distribution/auctioning on certain BUYworlds which owners are permanently suspended would be pretty cool
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              Originally posted by Misthios View Post

              Additional things I’d like to be covered under this Code of Ethics are:[LIST][*]Having several fossil links from the BUYworlds (these are worlds which force you to stay in for x amount of time to generate fossils - that is their only purpose) which means you’re looking at up to several minutes of nothing before you can even enter the world properly.[*]Illegal to not have a decently sized trading area.[*]Illegal to require players to have setups utilising numerous in-game requirements to pass and selling the items for overpriced (such as lava & asbestos boots, climbing wall and climbing boots).[*]Potentially make it mandatory that if your world is Royal Locked that the world must contain a public Bulletin Board (or variant, such as Guestbooks).
              • I think changing the method to obtain fossil would be better to prevent fossil links instead since links are bound to happen in not just BUY+ worlds but also SSP/rsp shops

              • i think as long as there is a decent horizontal row of space to trade, then it should be fine, even with vends taking up all the space, as long as trading is allowed and billboards can be seen.

              • along this, I think making it illegal to surround the world with donation boxes everywhere to prevent players to perform a building animation

              • Royal locked worlds don't really need boards imo, we already have billboards and maybe people can be more bothered to use /BC /CB. As long as there's a place to trade, it should be fine

              add on : making it illegal to walk through an absurd amount of vends with glue + water combined into it.

              the rules which got approved seems fine to me.

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                BUYGBC is one of the examples of greedy buy+ worlds its only 1 vend, 1 white door and 1 space and its also muted and on the top of the world


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                  I believe what should be legal is :
                  - Have muted worlds with no billboards.
                  - Ban price manipulators / spammer / annoying people.

                  And what should be illegal is :
                  - Having a muted world (with or without a public board) with no place to trade.
                  - Having an adventure timer to kick players.
                  - Endless fossil links.
                  - Worlds with fake prices (not in vend but written on signs).
                  - Put asbestos/climbing boots area to buy items from vends.
                  - Put the White Door on the top of the world with vends next to it so people can't see other people and are obliged to buy from the vend.
                  - Banning sellers or buyers (the ones who buy for cheap) and using tricksters.

                  IDK if I missed anything but I thing those are the main points I agree on.
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                    I 100% Agree, as someone who has owned multiple #1 BUY+ worlds in my lifetime as well as being a previous active trader, the entire toxic community regarding BUY+ world owners needs to have some sort of limitations. Fossil links should be banned, no trading area should be banned, malicious use of banning/kicking powers should be banned.

                    One thing to consider is BUY+ owner's committing acts of blatant price manipulation (Where they randomly lower / raise the price of a specific item a ton in order to only benefit themselves). Of course, this will be very hard to moderate and to figure out what is price manipulation and what is natural market movement, but it is something to consider.
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                    Originally posted by NekoRei
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                      A lot to unpack and consider - I think this proposal would absolutely be a big turning point in how worlds function, and what can and can't happen in-game.

                      My hot take on the issue has always been this: BUY+ worlds are a community-introduced idea. The players made them, and they're the ones that depend on them. Even things like vending shops and public trading sides/forums/etc. didn't hinder the population within them. Following that rule - it's the community's push making them such a staple in how the game functions that really causes the issue. Players are free to do what they want with their worlds (with limits, of course - as seen with casinos, scams, etc.). If someone wants to make a world entirely inaccessible, then so be it. I haven't been given a warning for blocking off worlds I don't plan on focusing on, and I don't think that'll happen anytime soon. BUY+ worlds are in the same bracket, in that they're just someone's world.

                      With that idea, though, comes the fact that they're now a lot more than just a world someone owns, so to speak - they've become, as mentioned, a big part of gameplay. It's safe to even argue that they no longer belong in the hands of players. So okay, we implement these rules. Who controls them? What about the worlds that are inaccessible through other means - such as being nuked? Do they get a second shot? What about those that pack things up and nuke their worlds on purpose, just to be able to continue on with preventing players from trading? How about worlds that are fully-functioning BUY+ worlds, but contain links to another world? (Bad phrasing, but think of BUYSCARF not being a trade world but instead leading to BUYSCARFWINTER, which is). If BUY+ worlds are now on the route to being observed and regulated, what other worlds would be next?

                      I think I hold a pretty radical opinion in that there are basically three or four routes to go down:
                      Leaving the worlds as they are, giving ownership of these worlds to Ubisoft (with compensation - no idea how to calculate that so that may be a bust), creating a community/dev-based alternative (be in in-game or out), or of course implementing these regulations and hoping for the best.

                      I think that's all I really have to toss in for now. Will reply more if more points are brought up or if I have anything else to say.


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                        Additional rules:
                        **1. They should not linked their world to any public vend world (to sell vend spots).
                        Reason: Lots of ppl got scam by this. Owner of the Buy+ will just change the link after selling all the public vend spot.

                        **2. Everyone will be warned for selling links.
                        Reason: If it's linked to any csn world (whether it's intentional or not), just perma ban that world.

                        **3. They should not sell fossil spot.
                        Reason: Scam

                        **4: [Non - world locked buy+] Owners of the main locks should not drop multiple items near the entrance as it may cause lag... They also should not place any machine that will cause players to respawn near the white door


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                          yes yes yes yes yes yes yes everything in that needs to be done and especially having a place to trade not just 1 block


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                            I believe that there should be a distinction between Buy worlds and Trade worlds. Trade worlds should be a sub-gategory of Buy worlds that has players who are actively selling or buying the item/items in question. Considering that most Buy worlds do not have players trading the item, I don't think it's necessary to have a rule that all Buy worlds should have a decently sized trading area and that should be limited to trade worlds. This could also apply to the royal lock rule and other rules.

                            Fossil links should have a set time when after passed, they become unethical and the owner would be punished after. If a person has a few second long fossil link, I don't think that the person should be punished for that but if it becomes longer than lets say 30 seconds, that's a bit overkill.
                            (Also, can we have a fossil revamp that would change how fossils spawn? This could possibly end the fossil links all together. Growtokens were removed for causing people to create long autoruns.. why was there something added that would re-enable this in the first place?)

                            The rule about having setups utilising numerous in-game requirements to pass and selling the items for overpriced should be changed to not include the word overpriced as potential loopholes could be created by selling the items for their actual prices. "Tricksters set to continuously kill players so they don’t have time to trade" is also one that has a potential loophole as it only applies to tricksters. It should include howlers and other projectile creating items (if there are more).

                            Using the combo of mud puddle/water/glue to make the player run extremely slow and have a portal at the end leading to the trade area should also be prohibited in my opinion.

                            Might edit this to include more stuff in the future

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                              First of all I’m so happy that you are addressing this issue as it has been an issue for years.
                              I think for a small rule breaker like having small trading area should give the owner a warning, then broken again would result in a ban, and for the world it would be transferred to a moderator which would have bids to sell the world to someone else, for the ex owner it is a punishment for breaking rules. (Owners who break tons of rules severely, will not have their worlds back.)
                              The rules must be strict.
                              Also I think you should add a rule for every BUYworld must have a public board, this is needed especially for rare items which make it hard for players to find them and are forced to buy them over priced from the greedy owner.
                              There should also be a rule for owners who price manipulate with their signs, now I know there are tons of BUYworld owners who are inactive or quitted and there sign’s prices are outdated, but this must be confirmed by mods by checking logs and see how much they play gt or enter that BUYworld.
                              And ye there needs to be changes of how to get fossils, this isn’t just for BUY owners but also for scammy link world owners.
                              I think there should be semi rules to worlds are muted by Royal Locks, now if it’s a popular world then it’s not punishable as it stops spammers (as long as it doesn’t break other rules), BUT the world must have an open area for others to trade freely. Worlds which break other rules (adventure timer, tricksters, banning sellers etc) that also have the world muted, needs to be punished harder as it’s an excuse to not let others trade freely.
                              Also I want to add: Suspended owners should NOT have their BUYworlds nuked, doesn’t matter if the owner scammed using the world, the world should be transferred to a mod/dev to make adjustments so people can still trade/or have the world auctioned, I know mods don’t need dls but giving away a free BUYworld is unfair and not good for the economy.

                              Lastly I would like to report a couple of greedy world owners

                              •BUYGLOWY/BUYPORTAL owner: he has world muted, adventure timer, bans sellers with SELLGO names , no public board and has an extremely tiny trading area.
                              •BUYPAINT owner: world muted, timer, tons of fossil links to actually get to the trading area, bans sellers, no public board.
                              •PEM (linked from BUYWALLPAPER) owner: has trickster, bans sellers with name SELLGO+, world muted.
                              BUYGBC: muted, world area at corner of world, uses dark cave bg in some areas and “trading area” extremely tight, 3 blocks. Bans sellers

                              Edit: just checked BUYFUEL, the greedy ex owner sold it, all good. No need to punish the new one.
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