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[Feedback] October 2020 Update

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  • [Feedback] October 2020 Update

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Grow_OCT20_D8_Banner_V1.2_IOTM.png Views:	0 Size:	214.2 KB ID:	6913459

    Hello Growtopians!

    October IOTM and Subscriber Item are out. Let us know what you think about our update this month in this thread!

    Read the announcement here.

    ~ Hufflewitz
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    Ok, I had an idea for next year's IOTMs.

    So some people hated it or loved it, so lets make vote outs. It will be 4 choices of designs but the effects are not told but the name is. The most voted design will be the IOTM


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      The IOTM doesn't look that bad but I don't know with Wing Week
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        The UI button for sliding the chat or inventory was too large.
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          Originally posted by Illu View Post
          The UI button for sliding the chat or inventory was too large.
          Hello Illu,

          Can you provide us with more details regarding the reported issue please:
          - When did the issue started happening?
          - Was it happening before or just recently?
          - What platform are you using? Mobile or PC?
          - If PC what's your PC info. If mobile are you using iOS or Android? Which version? What are the spec?
          - What is the resolution of the device you are using?

          Videos or screenshots will be helpful too. Thanks!

          ~ Pharaohboi


          • Phloqiston
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            there's a thread by xWeird somewhere, I think in bugs and glitches. anyway I think it's all if not most devices- the punch and jump buttons and especially the chat slider.

            chat slider looks small until you try to place blocks or tap under it and still somehow pull it, the hit box is too long for its texture. similar thing with punch and jump.

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          The Jack o' Lantern mask is cool and all. I thought that your face and hair will follow the head constantly and that would be cool. Instead it's just make the face and hair item invisible. It's alright. Great IOTM anyway
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            seven days and seven wings. sounds like Arcadum's DnD 7 years and 7 days which is just an extra plus points for me

            anyway the idea is cool, I like wing week and the iotm isn't that bad.
            Don't feel like playing as much anymore what do

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              The UI update for mobile is amazing, but there is a glitch with the new ITOM when using the goblin + the one ring + Haunted Jack O' Lantern = totally invisible to other players.

              Only the name of the player appears, nothing else does.
              Click image for larger version

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              Credits : Xenoid, for finding the glitch.

              IGN : CaribbeanJr


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                On PC I cannot move with arrow keys while I'm writing in chat, this is really annoying.


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                  Pretty good iotm if it werent for the green smoke


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                    Loving the pagination and design of the IOTM! It is great that we are (almost) back to the normal playmod naming, but can we please still get rid of that unnecessary space before the colon?
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                      The wings are idk not that great
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                        The new tab sizes are too big and we still cant move while typing :/


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                          Pretty iffy about wing week. I currently find no wing visually appealing.


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                            • JimIzPro
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                              or is it? unsolved mystery

                            • RIDWANNSGT
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                              Yeah finally very nice yesterday the change log is rebalance bountiful Fence and looming back to normal hit if using picaxe is 3 and 4