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[Feedback] Wing Week 2020

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    Basically i like this wing week but sadly there is no cooking activity
    Daily Challenge Possibilities : ​


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      Good concept, but i’m not feeling it to well.

      there are a lot of wings in this game and having a yearly event dedicated to increasing the number of wings? That’s a big no for me.

      It would be better if a different type of clothing items was added each day, and it would also be fair since there are not many other decent clothing item for some category. Changing clothing type every year is also kinda acceptable for me.

      I love some of the wings, they actually have a pretty creative design, but i definitely must single out the musical wings, it is the only wing in this event that is actually super unique since you can play your own notes, it would be great if we get some more of this unique effect but also not making it op, make it more like an innocent joy.

      IGN : Polyphia


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        my feedback is 6/10
        ign: thiel
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        sry if mi bad english