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  • [Feedback] Thanksgiving Week 2020

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    Gobble Gobble Growtopians!

    Thanksgiving Week has returned and we want to know all your thoughts about it in this thread! Happy feasting.

    You can read the full announcement here!

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    Actually not a cash grab unlike Halloween!!! Big difference is that here your gambling for NEW items, not old items that already exist. So I'm fine with the whole RNG thing for torch.

    Kinda glad we moved onto a more "USA" week, the idea of Pilgrims and Turkeys can only last for so long lol and the whole thing with the new Pigeon block being a CCTV is funny too.

    EDIT: Found out what the heck the new rod does and that is really OP but... it is nice. Not sure if it has any drawbacks yet but try to make drawbacks in the future! Like how instead of nerfing you guys are making items that work around issues, its nice.
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      Pigeon working on you, spying on people in your world!

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    'nother event ruined by adding a new "gambling" item. Actually two this time. You have already added one or more to all the events. But you still are determined to pump this game full of more and more and more even though there are way too many. A game cannot be sustained by adding uncreative RNG-mechanics to everything.



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      Haiyaaa another gambling item? This is too much already. Please, don't add RNG based things on this game anymore. It feels like the game is slowly losing its essence when RNG mechanics are added
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      turkey movement kinda predictable?
      Write something...


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        It's enough to have a gambling system on valentine, summer, and Halloween, now Thanksgiving week? maybe next will be Winterfest? This game is slowly dying.


        • Corrects
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          Thanksgiving week has always been about RNG already lmao

        • Jedaki
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          Corrects yeah but they keep adding more and more, piling them on each other. There is already a RNG feature in this event but yet they added two more.

        • stevenfonggg
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          Yeah ikr, maybe they will add on winter too, and eventually, all seasonal events will have an RNG feature. XD

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        1/10 because of this
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          So, I would like to start off by pointing out very specific items that were released within this update. These items (as a result from my observations) aren't positively approached. Thus, making the hype and enjoyment of the update lower than expected. I, personally think that the update is actually not bad, at all! Except, it is far better than what a bunch of people are saying about it. In my opinion, ofcourse. So, I'd like to talk about the stuff that I find negative for a better undestanding of what I liked, and didn't.

          First off, this is already mentioned by a lot of people, the gambling mechanics (Turkey Sucker, Organic Turkey and the Roasted Turkey) are a heavy part of this update. Which is not pleasing and interesting to a lot of players, as it has either very bad drops, or very bad chances for a rare drop. Not only that, there was already a way to gamble. It just doesn't seem right to make more items that can only be obtainable by some sort of gamble / chance. Now, I am not involved nor interested in this gambling scene by any chance as it just doesn't really stand out as a "fun" way to spend my wealth on. So, this one can be an exception, but it's still not promising and interesting enough.

          So, I am pretty sure that you have seen threads about "OP" items, well they are back... Somewhat, atleast. The new rod has a GREAT, don't get me wrong, GREAT VISUAL PREFERENCE! I really like the Anomalizing Rod like look of it. Although, when it comes to usage, things start to get a bit tricky. Now, as this item provides such great prizes upon catching fishes, it can be considered a bit too much. Looking at the consumables, The Sweet Potato Tots is also very OP as it provides %10 more upon cooking a meal. Which is again, too overpowered. I personally think that these 2 examples can be easily fixed within a patch, although their demand is already so high, it might not even drop in price, or drop so dramatically that the items don't see any attraction around them. So, it was a risky play but as I have already stated, I don't think it's too big of a problem, when compared to the current ones we have.

          Lastly, I'd like to talk about the item designs. And I must really say, I really like them all! They are greatly made and thought. And I see that you guys decided to go with more of a United State kind of vibe with some of the new items. Which is totally fine and great by me! I really like the Abraham Lincoln themed items, especially the hair! Though, some could've been better. There is maybe 1, maybe 2 items that look very out of place. Which I'll not be naming for any sort of argument to happen as they are quote on quote "bad looking / designed" in my opinion.

          So, overall I'd give this update a SOLID...

          6.2 out of 10.
          Could have been better, but still very good!

          I wish to see more great updates like this one, see you on the next update!
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            You guys just recycled an existing event feature (e.g. Cinco de mayo) for goodness' sake be more innovative on adding a feature where every player has a chance to fully participate in events.


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              The new items are cool. It, also, is good that cliche theme of turkey & pilgrims was left behind - these thanksgiving items rather resemble like yankees and not thanksgiving, though.


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                i already got the dress, torch, crown of enlightenment yet there is nothing special, the only thing special when i equip them all is this star trail. There is nothing special to be honest, so please maybe make something that'll make us cooler or something like that? because i expect a cool animated statue of liberty from it ( like rayman) but yeah, this event is still really fun


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                  Hunting turkeys with friends! That is fun
                  But I haven't use my turkey sucker yet, and idk at all about the all new gambling
                  Why add more gamble? Is casino become legal?
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                  • A3GTs
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                    Casino is different, they betting not gambling. Growtopia only making some legal gambling :v

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                  Really adore all the well-designed new items. It's great to see that most of these new additions aren't restricted to the same old western pilgrim theme, and instead are based on fun popular things related to the U.S. Didn't expect Thanksgiving of all events to be my favorite among this year's, but here we are.

                  Some other stuffs:
                  • Why can't the fish be trained? The new rod could have been a rare reward from training the fish (something like, 5%), which would prompt more people to actually catch the fish and do fish training.
                  • The new food's main ingredient is uncommon enough for its food buff. Considering it is one of the few foods people would actually cook and consume, I don't think the food should be nerfed at all, especially since it doesn't impact cooking much outside of Daily Challenges.
                  • Pretty much all the animal blocks we've had so far (that are not providers) are cube-shaped and solid, i.e. Kitty Block, Mean Wolf Block, etc. We really need more blocks like the Pigeon! They can be purely decorative, no need for any special effect (although that would be nice).
                  • The Riding RV's recipe is horrible — players need a lot of these wagon blocks in building, mainly the wagon bases. One example of a more well-balanced combiner clothing recipe that sucks up certain event blocks' supplies would be the Flamingo Wings'. Heartcastle Stones and Pastel Pink Blocks are cheap farmables, while Sun Blocks are rarely used to build in general.

                  Overall, this kind of special event treatment, with a lot of interesting clothes and recipes, are usually given to WinterFest or Halloween only. I don't know why you guys decided to shake things up for Thanksgiving, but I'm glad it happened.
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                    good job. thanks for your hard work. 100/10 for this event