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    Probably the best way to go about with more colour variations is like what Corrects has said, to allow players to pick the colour that they want. But in a way the devs will have to add in a new mechanic to the game. I suggest this mechanic because of what we have seen with the celestial dragon charm(allowing us to switch between 3 variants), we can create a colour wheel/palette as a tab, and allow 3 stages: primary colour, secondary colour, and details. Each stage will grant access to a use colour palette for us to create our unique colour combinations.
    This means alot because we can use the colour palette for each iotm and we dont have to create dye packs for each IOTM if we wanted to do that way
    However, to make up for this, probably charge SLIGHTLY higher for the iotm. Probably a 50k gems increase for allowing customisable colours will be decent.


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      Having only 1 item allow developers to create unique IOTMs like Galaxy Aura, Medusa's Crown, Haunted Jack O' Lantern or this month's IOTM..
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        If feasibly applicable to the item's design, then allow for players to choose the colour of the item they receive. Every other usual IOTM is a singular purchase as you are guaranteed to get what you want, but with these RNG-handled IOTMs, it may be unsatisfactory to players who don't receive the specific variant they want.

        But we still like unique IOTMs like Ancient Shards, Medusa's Crown, Galaxy Aura, Mechanical Butler, etc. that don't necessarily need coloured variants.
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          probably a mix of single unique ones as well as colour variants would be good

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        idk but i vote yes