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  • BUY+ World Ethics

    Recently(or not recently), I've started to notice a lot of worlds starting to not put prices for items anymore, saying it's "Up to seller you decide prices yourself" or something along those lines. That, makes them a perfect condition for manipulators to thrive.

    Yes, manipulation was still a thing back in the old times, but now theres a significant increase of manipulation thanks to people and also the owners of these worlds. I don't know how you guys feel about this, but the way I see trading now, it's becoming more and more unethical thanks to such practices. I hope that these owners are given some sort of warning, to set prices of the items, repeated warnings may result in a ban.

    Yes, I know what you're thinking: That either buyers/sellers set the price or the trading of the item sets the price. But now, there is no price range set for the item, I can for example, sell a 10wl item for double its price because theres no range I should sell, I can easily manipulate the market. All we need is just a price range for each item and problem solved. It will not remove manipulators, but it will for sure cut down some toxicity within the community. This is on top of what previous threads of buy+ ethics talked about ( I believe it was started by Misthios ), regarding links that require you to buy abestoes/climbing boots, dark cave background, little to no trading area and much more. I feel guardians should be abit more proactive in their search to find such buy+ worlds (there's alot of them, trust me) and forward it to the moderators since they can give warnings.

    Let's ask the community here: What do you think we should do with owners like these?

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    well you got into an interesting subject and a certain friend of mine started a world called '' Label '' Definitely to avoid this kind of problems with handling very rare items


    • Komando
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      LABEL is utterly useless in this situations he is not talking about 1bgl items 1bgl items doesnt have a buy+ anyway stop promoting that hot garbage of a world

    • Santomok
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      I understand more unfortunately, moderators can’t do anything about buy + because owners do what they want with the world and no moderator has the right to express an opinion on it as long as it’s not something illegal and that breaks the rules for them whatever

    • Olaf1234_gt
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      Santomok that is not true. Moderators are able to do something like warning owners of unethical practices. This is from past experiences(which my friends and I have changed our ways for the better)

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    Anything that prohibits trade not a legal practice. Unethical practices are not outright banned, but there could be a gray area depending on what one classifies prohibiting trade as.

    Being pugnaciously capitalistic and withholding insight regarding prices is a problem, but it is not illegal yet. This is observable in the unicorn market, where both the unicorns and the rare drops are essentially a name-your-price free-for-all. On some days, unicorns sell for twelve world locks; other days, they are at a 200% markup at twenty-five world locks. And this stems from the owner of the related BUY world being inactive.

    I do not like the market being this way, but with so many items, it is trending toward arbitrary prices. And this aids the trade worlds since doing research on pricing is near impossible, and buying out of an overpriced vending machine is simply more convenient. Again, this can only really be stopped if there is a statement that broadens what it means to hinder trade, which would make moderation more difficult, so it is unlikely.
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      I suppose you are talking about BUYBALROG. It lets buyers and sellers determine the price. Tbh, it is perfectly rational. If you were a world owner, would you like to have people constantly msging you that you are manipulating the price simply cause you own the world? The owner has given up and lets the people roam free.
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      • Eviva
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        I believe BUYGROWSCAN is the same.

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      I don't put prices in my worlds because they're forever changing.
      it would take hours of dedication per day to check.
      Them putting prices is them determining the price when it's really is down to the player
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        Yes alot world now really , dont have no price and alot item are going up and down like a rollercoaster, even at a trader... it hard define which price to buy or sell... example rayman was 120..then...115....then 108....then 95dl.... the price it so manipulated...I dont even know what to do I pay 324dl for 3.. and I wont sell any just keep all 3..because I dont know how the price outcome will be.. same with iotm and all other item.. I really believe mods need to get involved with the growtopia economy more and put a price on item so we know what price... or make another growscan type that have all price of all item so we know what the price instead sitting around guessing what price it what... I really want a machine can tell us price of it easy for buy world owner to follow those price tag...


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          I dont go to BUY+ worlds just to buy climbing boots or abestos boots before trying to even trade my item. And the fact that there are no warnings issued to such owners just makes me feel utterly disgusted at the community right now.


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            I am both disgusted by the community as well as the ones who try to manage this game.


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              Originally posted by Olaf1234_gt View Post
              I dont go to BUY+ worlds just to buy climbing boots or abestos boots before trying to even trade my item. And the fact that there are no warnings issued to such owners just makes me feel utterly disgusted at the community right now.
              Yes and those who are ethical receive almost no incentive to continue doing so, other than the occasional “kind owner” praises.


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                Hey all I found another great example of how greedy is rich people, not mean to all, but to most of buy+ owners.
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                  Buy+ worlds are just player owned worlds that are not specified to be trade worlds or list prices. They are not under any obligation to list any price or build the world to accommodate for players who wish to enter the world. I've been to a lot of Buy+ worlds that wouldn't serve any function. People choose to use Buy+ worlds but they are not obligated to trade in those worlds and they are not obligated to buy or sell based on a price listed on a sign. Buy+ worlds are not official because they do not have special rules made for them. The only way you can decide what happens in a Buy+ world is if you decide to own one.

                  Most items in the game don't have set prices or rules governing what the set price should be. Most items value are indeed actually set by the community and can increase of decrease sometimes very rapidly. You as a player can only choose to not visit a world because you feel like it isn't adequate enough for you to visit. The owners will start to care about how they build their worlds when nobody is visiting them anymore.

                  I'm not sure if Ubisoft will ever decide to step in, but that will either require them to confiscate many worlds or make strict rules around owning buy+ worlds. They have to first realize that Buy+ worlds are too important to the community and shouldn't be player managed anymore.

                  I wouldn't get your hopes up because they spend a lot of time cleaning up after broken updates. If they can't take the time to manage to have the game running properly without updates breaking the game I am almost certain nothing will ever be done about Buy+ worlds.

                  My advice is to learn to deal with it because it isn't gonna change.


                  • Benediktus Jong
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                    We have an official rules about ethic, also the Growtopian Code.

                    I think Ubisoft should get themself involved in this matter since they are considered "harmful to community".
                    Not listing price to the respective items, not providing trading area, and limiting access to trade area leading to inconvenient to the players.
                    We might assume that Ubisoft should keep their formality regarding what their community is doing as long its not straightly harmful and breaking rules. But we have a culture built over the ages and that is TRADE WORLD. Also considering that trading is one of their biggest main feature.
                    Therefore, they have to treat TRADE WORLD differently than a NORMAL WORLD (they had done this in the past when they do a BUY+ giveaway and setting a strict rules to the winner, indirectly, they announced their concern regarding TRADE WORLD).