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[Feedback] January 2021 Update

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  • [Feedback] January 2021 Update

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    Hello Growtopians!

    Januray IOTM and Subscriber Item are out for you to enjoy. Let us know what you think about our update this month in this thread!

    Read the full announcement here.

    What's meant to be will always find a way!

  • #2
    400k gems for the next iotm please, it can combat gem inflation a bit more


    • GrowPixel
      GrowPixel commented
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      lol, how only 400,000 gems going to combat gem inflation? Some players already making 400k-1 million gems per day with magplant... 350,000 is good for this year.

  • #3
    LMAO im waiting for the day its gonna hit 700k gems for a single item, and it still wont solve the issue


    • #4

      A new 30 dollar gem pack.
      350000 iotm
      I can't afford this crap.
      As a regular player this is rediculous.
      Ubisoft is taking the money.
      ​​​​​​this game is becoming pay to play


      • #5
        The iotm price change was necessary - they should do this with more items, to combat gem inflation a little bit.

        Subscriber item looks neat, well done designer!
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        • #6
          To be honest it just feels like yall trying to suck more money with these new packs, increased prices for IOTM & SB, gambling items in all events



          • BigBootyLuigi
            BigBootyLuigi commented
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            You do know a company needs more money than 2 guys right? And what's wrong with making money in a game you can play for free?

          • Jedaki
            Jedaki commented
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            Spyroboy there's nothing wrong with making money in a game unless you shove it up someone's throat by making most features require spending money to be enjoyed to full potential

        • #7
          Although i don't mind the change in IOTM price to combat inflation, the underlying causes is STILL NOT FIXED. No matter how high the next cost of IOTM is (or any gem/store item), if the cause of the problem is not removed, its useless. (Combat those bots and casino) (or at least give them fear to stop doing it. At this point i don't mind even if its just a fake- until you able to really apply a solid fix)

          Having this current issues not fixed and the rising gem cost and new IAP. Heck i don't blame player for saying its all about milking the remaining player base.
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          • BigBootyLuigi
            BigBootyLuigi commented
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            Can't really fix bots without nerfing things like UTs and stuff like that, which i think people wouldn't care about the greater cause in doing.

          • Mr. Nobody
            Mr. Nobody commented
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            Not really.
            Some games has anti bot in their clients itself (if you re-play an bot, it will not register the clicks to the game).
            An RPG game that i play have this one even though there is little repetitive task that can be done on that game.
            But this can also be bypass, so other games also have bot detector built inside.

            Growtopia has neither of them.

            UTs and other did not create bots, it just made it much easier so it propagate during those periods. Hence kids and other people who have no idea on bots started to use it too. Removing it (UT,etc) now will not stop the bot users since they already know the existence of it.

        • #8
          I used 1year sub token and left 300days. But in October 2021, game did not give the monthly item that named PLAYFUL PITCHFORK. WHEN i bought my first 1 year and it gave me all. But I didnt get any monthly item from my 2th 1year sub token. I need help.
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          • GODAPOLLYON
            GODAPOLLYON commented
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            Oh wow so you're a time traveller from Oct 2021?

          • A2GTs
            A2GTs commented
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            Even Playful Pitchfork was released on January 2021. I dont think you are typo

        • #9
          Originally posted by Overblasted View Post
          LMAO im waiting for the day its gonna hit 700k gems for a single item, and it still wont solve the issue
          No its gonna hit 2 Million, and still, it wont solve fhe problem
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          • #10
            Originally posted by BattleCat View Post
            400k gems for the next iotm please, it can combat gem inflation a bit more
            Dude how about poor people. It will be hard for them to earn while rich have magplant and more...


            • SpitBars
              SpitBars commented
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              How did the people with Magplants get their Magplants in the first place? Yes Exactly they worked for it... so should the others

          • #11
            Love the new IOTM personally, however I think it'd be really nice if it was possibly to disable the planet particles when you move. The crown itself and the punch effect fit my fire-themed set really nicely, but the planets not so much.
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            • #12
              There should be an option to disable the auras sometimes it's just annoyed me
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              • #13
                Well I Hope Next IOTM More Useful.


                • #14
                  I didn't really like that aura and the planets when you walk. I think the Crown itself would look great. There should be an option to remove the aura and/or the planets


                  • #15
                    iotm looks sick, and yeah the effects are a lil bit annoying.
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