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  • Battling casinos

    Title says it, Casinos it's a major tumor in growtopia since it leads to alot of problems, thus I shall suggest ways to overcome this problem, hopefully this'll solve more problem than it'll create.

    Remove RNG factor in most factors:

    Roulette Wheel-
    To make this happen, set the algorithm to a specific order of number instead of depending of RNG. I personally think this is better, since roulette wheel doesn't serve any purpose in game except well, csn

    Gems drop from blocks- This is a harder one to go through, since I personally don't know how we'll make this work, but if somehow we can remove the rng factor from gem drop too, more csn will be leave to dust

    Dice blocks, The rock paper scissors block thingy, etc..- This may kill alot of fun in game, but hey removing the rng factor while the block remains still serve it's purpose as a decorative?

    Just remove the recommended world in menu screen ffs- Maybe add functions like sticky worlds, which we can have quick acess to instead of csn links bullsh*t.

    I personally haven't been exposed to alot of csn playstyle, so I'm not fully aware of all the ways they can play it, Hopefully this can give some ideas on how to remove csn indirectly.

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    But holy sheet Ubisoft sure is making effort for this game in 2020

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    They can just use RNG websites after implementing this, it's not going to work, it just isn't
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      Have you evert heard of Dirt Breaking game? Removing gems drop won't stop them.


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        Originally posted by Deftera View Post
        They can just use RNG websites after implementing this, it's not going to work, it just isn't
        How does RNG website work? Just curious.
        IGN: Ricklyne

        Bring back 2015 GT pls

        But holy sheet Ubisoft sure is making effort for this game in 2020

        I take it back


        • BigBootyLuigi
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          Just a random number generator website lol

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        Did you know that the main problem of casinos and other betting games is the world locks itself? If we change our currency with gems + gems is tradeable but not droppable, maybe it'll reduce those pesky betting games. However, it also changed everyone's gameplay (which is good for me and other people who want massive changes to the game)


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          Bro, don’t remove the random world menu screen thing just because there are casinos, That’s just stupid. That’s what the game started off with. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

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            They’ll just find another way. Best thing we can do is let the mods handle it.

            That’s if they give a poop about the report. *coughs*


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              Remove one thing there will be another in game item used.

              Personally I'd hire 50-100 players that reports are automatically put to the front.
              If they abuse it remove them from that team.
              not game guardian or mod status just players that are well known or report consistently.

              Removing items won't solve a thing though that's 100% fact.

              The reports do do something but it's hit and miss.
              1/100 being read and worked on this is a big issue.

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                Wont work,

                1.Make roulette wheels follow an algorithm for determining the number

                They already do that.Thats how RNG works,nothing is truly random,dig deep enough and there will be a long list for what the numbers will appear in,however the list is so long it can be considered random since in order to correctly identify the number you would need to know every number thats already been used which is impossible.

                2.Gems drop from blocks

                Same point,its not truly random and it already follows a set rule.

                3.Dice blocks,Roshambo Blocks

                See points above

                4.Remove random world screen.

                Then do what?I can easily find a CSN just go to BUY theres always at least 20 spammers there advertising casinos.This combats CSN but it really does nothing.


                • Ohlid
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                  The argument that random numbers are not random is not necessarily essential to the question since the source for entropy is unknown, which, as you mentioned, does make the random numbers near impossible to guess. You are arguing nothing is random as the OP is arguing nothing should be random, so I guess I am confused at to what point you are making — that’s all.

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                The issue with focusing on random number generators as the source of the casino problem is that changing RNG items will not really solve the problem. I can agree that some of the inconsequential outcomes do not need to be random; however, some outcomes are not inconsequential. One should not be able to accurately predict the number of blocks that will drop from a crystal tree — that is not inconsequential.

                While removing all sources of randomness from the game would be a major hindrance to casinos, the impact on the game seems to far outweigh the possible good
                and is not likely to be implemented ever. As mentioned by a user above, casinos could still operate as well by using an external random number generator. It would be painstaking to do so, but it is not below casino operators.
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                  A staff team dedicated to removing the worlds?
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