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    One fantastic blast of an update to start of this new year! A couple of random thoughts:
    • The Euphoria change should have been mentioned somewhere IMO. Players didn't get their Golden Party-In-A-Boxes using the same consumable count from the last two years and might think it's glitched. The change is fine, anyways; perhaps the Golden Party-In-A-Box does need to be more difficult to obtain.
    • The new blocks are really cool, though it is quite a shame that some of them seem pretty rare? Love the computer the most; we do need more innovative checkpoints!
    • Love how quick you guys were to change the Sheet Musics' rarities — gotta love the consistencies with previous sheets.
    • Roobux Cube is amazing, more of these multi-framed animated blocks please!
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      Very disappointed how badly the community was informed about the Euphoria limit going from 200 to 500.
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        Cool items, wish there were some activities to do though. Sad about there being no 7 year item.


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          OG players get no attention this year, 0/10


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            I’m 6.9 years but a new item would be nice. Kinda dissapointed.
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              No OG item ruined event Annviersary used too be fun
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                euphoria change = bad
                some items way too rare = bad
                ^referring mostly to retro computer
                useless/weird blocks that no one would ever use = bad
                ^referring to retro tape block

                no new gambling items = good
                more sheet music = good
                cool blocks = good



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                  Dear hufflewitz ,

                  this is the first in game event I have experienced, it was a lot of fun and festive with all the new items, the fireworks falling from my trees etc.
                  I also like the fact that you could meet the moderators and last but not least the guardians in the game itself.
                  Unfortunately, this didn't work out for me and I didn't get to meet anyone during the event because the worlds quickly filled up.
                  It might be a good idea for next time to spread the moderators and guardians across multiple worlds so that more people have a chance to meet them!

                  For example: MODANNIVERSARY1, MODANNIVERSARY2 ..

                  Thank you for your time reading this.

                  ~ Atoris


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                    Originally posted by Jedaki View Post

                    inventory gets cluttered
                    Maybe it's time for you to invest in an Untrade-a-Box?

                    I don't see it as a valid reason for not having anymore veteran items.