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what would you do... IF

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  • what would you do... IF

    what would you do IF chicken plow got duped?

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    nothing aa
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      why, are you planning to dupe it? also this isn't an update discussion.
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        I would wear one in my alt so if it would be locked i could use it LOL After 2019 ray dupe i learnt my lesson.


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          Report the problem to the Growtopia staff team for further investigation. + this isn't the right sub-forum.


          • Fallen1
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            Technically it is a hypothesis IF it got duped which fits in with the recent dupe issue...

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          Secretly buying few of them and then showing them off to my friend before they got removed.
          (I'm joking okay)
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          • QueenChloe
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            Secretly buying few and then hide them and sell later when didn't get removed-was the correct answer XD

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          Why so specific? 👀
          Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
          suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


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            Originally posted by Staanley View Post
            nothing aa
            Hey Staanley!

            Please do not spread false information or post threads that might create unnecessary panic in the community. However, if you have any information and/or proof regarding any duplicaion incidents please reach out to a moderator immediatly and provide them with all the information that you have, so that we can look into it. Thank you for understanding

            Will be closing this thread now.

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