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Design of Korean Forum Banner... (Seth) and about korea forum,vbulletin

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  • Design of Korean Forum Banner... (Seth) and about korea forum,vbulletin

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    Well, I am in big work. It was going well, but bad accident was happened yesterday (2013.08.15) .

    vBulletin files are all deleted as a virus... Spam Emails' virus attacked my PC.

    I fixed it successfully, but it was impossible for me to restore vBulletin files. So I lost everything.

    Now I am RE-researching at the google to find vBulletin file and download. Huh? Download on vBulletin Page? It is impossible to me... I am 16-year-old middle school student like you see. I don't have 370+$ to buy vBulletin files. Although I had 370+$, but I cannot use them on foreign website. Paypal doesn't work right on my computer..... and some other reasons.....

    I thought Seth will be able to send me the vBulletin files by Email, but I think he can't because of files' size/copyright/etc etc...

    But I am still hard-working....

    I know Korean Language file will come out before I finish making Korean Forum, but I will keep trying....

    If you know websites where I can download vBulletin or you have the file, I hope you can send them to my Email.

    Yay! A Snivy!

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    I wonder why only the koreans are doing a forum for their own kind.
    They're complaining about being left & i've seen these advertisements about forum for koreans. It's like trying to be left out from all the other nationalites playing growtopia.
    IGN: Angro