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    Can anyone help me kill the guard at the Goblin Sanctuary. I have spoken to him and attacked him constantly and all he does is tell me to come back later or kills me. No matter how hard I hit him with my sword and/or bow I DIE. I can't go any further and really want to finish LOD. Laxius Power is my alternate game but I want to go back to LOD. please please please help me.

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    Yeah, I had problems with this part of the game too...

    If you already have the bow, talk to the girl by the fountain to get the quest started, then do what she says. After that, return and talk to the guard. He'll think your June and he'll let you pass.

    However, if you said you couldn't kill the guard, you'll need to level up since more goblins like him will be inside...


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      Thanks a lot for the help. I have killed the guards and the Boss. Get to the screen with the knights - bad guys - and I have no way of using my elixirs. Constantly get killed and have to go back to the beginning at the gate to the sanctuary. Is there a trick I need to know or do I just have to keep getting killed before I get the hint to stop playing this addictive game. I am wasting a lot of my life in doing this and I should be doing other things. Once again your help was appreciated.


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        if you run around the guards in circles and get them all bunched up they'll chop at each other... do most of the work for you!!!


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          There is an easy way to kill them. The two goblins in the right bottem corner of the sanctuary can be killed from the outside. When you wait at the wall in the east, you can hit them with your sword, if they come by.
          Best way to kill the four guards on the top left screen is to kill the slow one with hammers first, then you have much more place!
          If you are too clumsy then try a very slow variant: Kill them from outside (last very long, they mostly run around anywhere else).