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    I've not played Growtopia for about 6 months now so I thought I'd just pop by to say hi. So.. hi and bye.

    Anyways I know that Garvlin Lim (punish me if I'm wrong) was maintaining this list of summary threads which had short notes of what happened that month (great idea by the way). So is there anything like that which is being maintained by some old wrinkly priest even now?

    If yes, great, links appreciatie, if no, then you're house is about to be burnt and the only way you can stop that is by telling me what happened in these 6 months. Well for starters I notice Growconomy is down (I don't know about the discord bot just the website).

    And no I'm not back to playing Growtopia (not yet..)
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    Hey ya nice to see u again.

    Mijuki04 has been making threads of monthly updates in growtopia, mainly the important updates heres the latest one.

    Growconomy is down as Adelicate quited i think. So someone else decided to take of growconomy, the website is in progress i think.
    So now if u wanna search prices, grow stocks is the place to go.
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      i remeber your quit thread welcome back
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        Damn it's been a while, welcome back.
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