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    Good morning, guys. I think everyone like traveling, so where do you like to go?

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    As an introvert, i would like to travel to an isolated island where food is unlimited and nobody is there except me with friendly animals and a cute tree house with bookshelves everywhere with a small table beside a bed infront is a window overlooking the ocean while its drizzling. On the table lays 3 books and a cup of coco.

    Umm, does this place even exist or i'm just going crazy, also this is my dream place, and the world is big, i'm sure there's a place like this.


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      I want to travel to Africa to experience their famous escalators.

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        India so i can bomb wherever t series lives
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          Originally posted by ronnieros View Post
          Good morning, guys. I think everyone like traveling, so where do you like to go?
          My refrigerator...
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            I wAnT tO gO jApAn
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              Japan. Nice country,nice people,nice work ethics. Plus I know a bit of Japanese since I had a friend of mine who's Japanese herself which is convenient.

              A NEET but has a stable job at a cafe

              Would try to help whenever possible,except for trying to be social,of course.


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                Originally posted by Oma357 View Post
                I wAnT tO gO jApAn
                fukcing wE3bS

                I wanna go to Singapore and UK because wy not? Both r good country.
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                  I like Singapore cause the environment there is clean and the facilities are good!
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                    Canada,i want to experience snow [I do know there other country who do have snow...]
                    This is not a spoiler for movies or any tv show..


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                      Uk cos people have cute accents maybe ireland instead for the same reason(and for the buskers)

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                        Originally posted by Ziasne View Post
                        Canada,i want to experience snow [I do know there other country who do have snow...]
                        Too bad Canada doesn't exist.
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                          I would like to go to Narnia.


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                            I would definitely like to visit paris with my friend, and look upon the famous architecture, visit the louvre, etc etc. Then again, due to all the crime rate around these tourist destinations, paris is kind of a 2nd or 3rd option for me these days.

                            Another location would definitely be Japan. *mainly due to food, and of course, cherry blossoms. I guess I should start small, and maybe start visiting tokyo on honshu instead of going up north to hokkaido
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                              I love travelling but not to a place where theres a lot of people around.

                              I never even had a day where i can let my guards down and stop being anxious. At least for a brief moment god damn it. Maybe i did but i just want to be alone.

                              Anyway, its fun.
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