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What would you like to see in a town?

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  • What would you like to see in a town?

    This is for my project, which is taking quite a bit tad long to finish. I would like to ask what you guys would like to see in a town. It would help me a ton if you provided your opinions and wants.

    Thank you, next.

    By the way, there will be a seven eleven in the town. Mytical creatures would also be included.

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    Don’t forget to include your local bank.
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      Since this town involves mythical creatures, I would love to see villagers behind their own stalls, selling their crops! And maybe a fountain located at the middle where people gather for meetings and such.
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        Street kids, Banks, the usual thing in real life.

        Also shops if you don't mind.
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          Wishing wells, tree houses, wooden fences, wooden houses, birds chirping, fruit trees everywhere, kind people and a small market place.


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            Originally posted by Kyeosi View Post
            Mytical creatures would also be included.
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              Don't forget pickpockets, thieves, street urchins, gangs, assassins, all the lowlife.
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                parks. dog parks
                do you wanna build a snowman?~

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                  A town hall...?
                  A bar...
                  A dumpsite for all the 7/11 garbage lmao
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                    some homo action in the parking lots please
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                      Circle K forsure. Way better than 7/11
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                        I love towns that have like a clock tower in the center, not a big one just decent sized. And its surrounded by like 10 feet of sidewalk and it functions as a roundabout. The roads and wiiiiide and a little worn out. Theres small houses on the edge of the road. Perfection

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                          I think for practicality, I would like to see an efficient garrison or police force stationed there, stables and blacksmiths in for the context, letter writing stores.

                          For aesthetics, maybe a fountain, aqueducts, oh and a flagpole at the city center. Flags are a must
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                            Most of all, I like a clean town. It's supposed to be different less polluted than a city and cleaner than a village. Though a town where there's a pizza place and a place that sells yummy bakery products is alright in my book.
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                              A heck tonna high tech stuff like wakanda lolz
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